Loving Each Day: Daily Inspirational Quotes
When you walk away from something that stirs the feeling of, "God, this is wonderful!" and think of it, and all this loving comes up inside of you, guess where you now have it? Inside of you. You now have the ability to access and touch that whenever you want to.

Here's the bad news. If you don't practice that, it will go away. It gets lost in the rest of the ego functions. It's like an affirmation that you must do over and over again. But affirmations are more in the area of the mind, ego, and feelings, whereas the spiritual heart moves the consciousness to a place where you will lovingly self-correct because that is the right, loving thing to do.

The spiritual heart then embraces the ego and the ego feels wonderful to have made the self-correction. It feels proud and it will say, "Look, I did that wrong. Now look how right I do it!" And it feels great when everybody goes, "Yeah, that's right." You're bringing all the diverse levels of your personality into a focus, back inside of you, and you're grabbing control of it consciously, touching it and activating it.

- John-Roger, D.S.S.
(From: "How Do You Open the Spiritual Heart" on the New Day Herald website:

Welcome to MSIA

The purpose of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) is to teach Soul Transcendence, which is becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality. Your Soul is who you truly are; it is more than your body, your thoughts, or your feelings. It is the highest aspect of yourself, where you and God are one.

MSIA provides a variety of tools and techniques that allow you to experience your Soul and, therefore, your own Divinity.

Equally important, MSIA presents an approach that focuses on how to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life in a tangible, workable way. We call it "practical spirituality." It allows you to attune more and more to your Soul and to increasingly live from that awareness.

We invite you to learn more about MSIA by Exploring, Experiencing, and Participating in what we have to offer, and if you like, you can also order a free book, Journey of a Soul, that explores the nature of our true essence as Soul.

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John-Roger's Challenge of the Week

"The real challenge that comes to test your integrity is summarized in this paragraph:  It is simple to give into despair, to give up to mistakes and to give out only resentment and hatred. 

Let me repeat that again for you.  It is simple to give into despair, to give up to mistakes and to give out only resentment and hatred.  It is simple.  Strong is the one who casts despair into the spaces beyond danger, who conquers the desire to stop trying because errors have been made, who holds no malice toward anyone, and no discourtesy toward the rude. 

Grant to all the right to love as he or she can.  That's not being done.  We're told you can only love if you love the way I want you to love.  How boring.  To love only according to a book.  How boring.  How exciting to love from the place of eternal giving.  How tremendous to look at someone and inside of you feel that loving for them to such a degree that no matter what they say or do you can find the positive upliftment for yourself.  If they find it not, that's their lesson."

-John-Roger, DSS

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