Today's Loving Each Day Quote

When we are observing, we are in that place that I call purity -- purity of thought, of emotion, of content.

In that moment of feeling good, that moment of observation, the power of God will move inside of you.

- John-Roger, D.S.S.
(From: Spiritual Warrior, The Art of Spiritual Living, p. 43)

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Loving Each Day is a daily inspirational quote by John-Roger, DSS, the founder of MSIA or John Morton, the spiritual director of MSIA.



John-Roger's Challenge of the Week

We have a saying in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness called "etceteras".

When we get there and we think we've got it, we say, "etcetera" and that means there is more to come, we're going on.

And when you say, "This is it, I've found God," go on because there is no limit in the spiritual realms.

There is further and further progression. Do you know what the progression is? Awareness, becoming more aware.

-John-Roger, DSS