Spiritual Exercises: Going to God

Spiritual Exercises: Going to God

…an article by John Morton, DSS, Spiritual Director of MSIA

When test pilots talk about ‘bursting the envelope,’ they are referring to flying faster or higher than anyone has flown before. What we’re doing in Soul Transcendence and spiritual exercises is a kind of ‘bursting the envelope,’ too. There’s an envelope that is the human condition, and it confines us to the reality that we’re very familiar with. But it doesn’t lock in the Soul; the Soul can’t be contained by it.

Probably the major things that keep our awareness contained in the envelope are our fears and our judgments. A fear or a judgment can be small, but when they are in numbers, it’s like a pack of wolves: one wolf isn’t really so dangerous, but when you get a whole pack, then it becomes much more formidable. A pack of judgments would also start to confine you, especially the depth at which you might judge your inability or unworthiness to go to God and to be present with God.

So, a lot of what is being worked out when you’re doing spiritual exercises (s.e.’s) is stretching the envelope, releasing blocks in your consciousness that keep you from being aware of the Soul. At some point, the consciousness must burst its confinement. When that happens, it can be kind of like an explosion or a sudden feeling of rushing energy or movement.

You might also feel as if you’re dying, as if you can’t get your next breath. This can sometimes be frightening, but only if that’s how you interpret it. Since part of what we’re doing in s.e.’s is a preparation for physical death, where the consciousness leaves the physical body, it’s natural that survival issues come up at one time or another; it goes with THE territory, because your consciousness is leaving the body during s.e.’s and going into higher levels.

The consciousness leaving the body also potentially allows the body to be entered unless it’s protected. It’s as if no one’s home, no one’s guarding, so the body would be open to the possibility of other energies or consciousnesses coming in. Rather than taking that risk, most of us just wouldn’t leave unless we had established the spiritual protection first. That’s why it’s very important that you consciously surround yourself, protect yourself, and fill yourself with the Light that is the Holy Spirit, which is a light of protection, a pure white light. As you do this more and more, it becomes something that is automatic. You get so you don’t have to think about it, because you simply don’t enter into spiritual exercises and the spiritual levels without the spiritual protection of the Light.

Bursting the envelope can also include appearances of things that can startle or frighten us. Often, these are things that we created in our unconscious levels and that are stored there. If you looked at a lot of what you have stored up in your unconscious, you’d probably say, ‘When did I order this, and what did I order it for, and what use is it?’ And there really wouldn’t be any answer because they have no use in terms of where you are now and who you are in the consciousness of the Soul.

So, basically, you just clear them out. Through grace, ten thousand things can be cleared out in an instant. When you access the consciousness of the Spirit and the Mystical Traveler, your karma (your past creations that have not been resolved and completed) is being cleared out under grace. You don’t have to be conscious of it physically, but on the level on which it’s being done, you are fully conscious; in fact, it’s a decision you make. You go to that level in the grace of the Traveler’s presence, and you look upon your creation. Often, it’s almost like going to a junkyard. You realize that it’s all junk, so you say, in effect, ‘Yeah, take it away.’ It’s that fast. You don’t have to go in and inspect every item in the junkyard. You can just look at all of it in one glance. If you realize that it’s all just things that are no longer necessary for where you are in your progression, you simply let it all go.

It’s very important that you allow the inner journey to take place. It’s really important that you have the willingness, the courage, the dedication, and the devotion to what you’re doing in Soul Transcendence and with God, so that you surrender those things that would stop or abort the mission. A lot of that is the willingness to sit in the presence of the Lord and chant the name of God as a way of holding your focus during spiritual exercises.

When our mind considers this, it really doesn’t make sense. Our mind wants to know, ‘Well, how is it done, and why would such a thing be done?’ The mind wants to justify and explain it, but going down that mental track throws you off into things that are not directly about going to God. So your discipline is to hold the focus with the chanting. It’s also holding the focus in the place in the body where the Soul resides.

There’s a place in the center of the head that we refer to as the TISRA TIL, which is where the Soul resides in the physical body. It’s the area that’s back from the middle of the forehead and down from the center of the top of the head. The Soul resides at the intersecting point. (Some have associated it with the pineal gland, but it’s not that, though it’s near there.) Through discipline, you hold your focus during s.e.’s in that place.

Another part of the discipline is staying conscious, and that usually takes a lot of practice over time. When you are bursting the envelope, there’s a tendency to go into an unconscious state. The etheric is an unconscious state and a bridge into the Soul. It’s right next to the Soul, as a state of consciousness. You’re moving into an unconscious state (the etheric) to go to a fully conscious state (the Soul). In this action, it’s almost like there’s a specific point. If you move off the point, you’re back into the unconscious state; if you stay balanced ON the point, you maintain conscious awareness. It’s a very delicate balance, almost like the balance you need when you’re stacking things up. You’re going higher and higher, and it’s very delicate and very sensitive.

So a lot of the discipline is learning how to move into a still point in your own consciousness, where you bypass all the distractions physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychically. Those will all be present, but you’re drawing your awareness into the still point, the point where God ushers forth to you, and you allow yourself to ride upon the current that transcends into the oneness with God. As you expand with that presence of the Soul, you let go of each ‘envelope’ that would confine you, and you let God reveal the truth of who you are: You are the beloved of God.

Baruch Bashan.
(The blessings already are.)