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MSIA focuses on how to incorporate Spirituality into your everyday life. We call it “Practical Spirituality.” Here are the next Upcoming Live Online Events.


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July 1 Introduction to the Christ Within Workshop 

This workshop is designed for participants to experience their own divine nature and oneness with God. “When we look into each other’s eyes, bypassing the personality and the idiosyncrasies, we are looking into the windows of the Soul.” – John-Roger DSS.

July 2 All-Org. Rep Meeting-Celebrating the Christ 

For all staff, reps & volunteers for all John-Roger organizations to connect and celebrate. The event will be concluded by a special HeartFelt & HeartReach focus and sharing from John Morton. Open to all.

July 2 PTS Masters & Doctorate Graduation

Come celebrate the graduation with the students from the Masters and Doctorate Program of PTS.

  • LA= 3:30-5:00pm (PDT) | NY= 6:30-8:00pm (EDT) | London= 11:30pm-1:00am (BST)
  • View the Live Stream on July 2, 15 minutes prior to the starting time at
  • Open to the Public | No charge | Questions? Email
July 2 IIWP Gathering of Peace Makers Meeting

Join peacemakers from around the world and learn practical keys to choose peace no matter what.

July 3-4 Awakening as the Christ Workshop

This workshop is designed for participants to learn to awaken to the Christ energy and live from the Christ Within. Featuring John-Roger excerpts and meditations and sharing from our Spiritual Director, John Morton.

  • Friday July 3 | LA= 10:00am-7:00pm (PDT) | NY= 1:00pm-10:00pm (EDT) | London= 6:00pm-3:00am (BST)
  • Saturday July 4 | LA= 9:00am-5:45pm (PDT) | NY= 12:00pm-8:45pm (EDT) | London= 5:00pm-1:45am (BST)
  • Saturday includes the evening entertainment.
  • Register | More Info  | Questions? Email
  • This event is for Discourse Subscribers only. Please only register for this event if you have an active subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses or SATs (if 12 years of Discourses completed). If you have questions about the status of your Discourse subscription, please email
  • If you would like more info about Discourses or would like to subscribe to Discourses click here.
July 4 Post-Workshop Celebratory Gathering

Please join us for a beautiful evening celebrating with our MSIA Family.

July 5 MSIA Conference Ministers Meeting Live!

LA= 12pm-2pm (PDT) | NY= 3-5pm (EDT) | London= 8-10pm (BST)

Click Here to View the Live Online Ministers Meeting

This Ministers Meeting is for current Active Ministers in MSIA. The MSIA ministry is first and foremost a ministry of service. The specific ministry is chosen by the individual minister in accordance with his or her own inner direction. The MSIA Ministry supports the choice to reach out and assist others in thoughtful, loving, non-inflictive ways.

Read these instructions on how to participate in the Live Online Ministers Meeting

MSIA Ministry |  MSIA Store Login | Renewal Forms |

July 5 MSIA Conference Initiates Meeting LiveOnline!

The Initiates Meeting is for current Active Initiates in MSIA and current subscription to Discourses OR current subscription to SATs if you have completed Discourse #144. To attend live online you must have an MSIA store log-in. It takes at least one business day to activate your MSIA store log-in! We suggest that you practice and check that you can successfully log-in no later than Thursday (7/2) before the Initiates Meeting.

Click Here to View the Live Online Initiates Meeting

Read these instructions on how to participate in the Live Online Initiates Meeting

LA= 4pm-6pm (PDT) | NY= 7-9pm (EDT) | London= 12pm (midnight)-2am (BST)

July 6 BlessingsFest with John Morton 

Treat yourself to a unique fundraiser event. Participants ask for “blessings” as John Morton, Spiritual Director of MSIA, shares generously for hours offering wisdoms about the blessings requested.

  • LA= 11:00am-5:00pm (PDT) | NY= 2:00pm-8:00pm (EDT) | London= 7:00pm-1:00am (BST)
  • Register | More Info  | Questions? Email
  • Cost= $500.00 US | Open to the public