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MSIA focuses on how to incorporate Spirituality into your everyday life. We call it “Practical Spirituality.”

July 6 BlessingsFest with John Morton 

Treat yourself to a unique fundraiser event. Participants ask for “blessings” as John Morton, Spiritual Director of MSIA, shares generously for hours offering wisdoms about the blessings requested.

  • LA= 11:00am-5:00pm (PDT) | NY= 2:00pm-8:00pm (EDT) | London= 7:00pm-1:00am (BST)
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  • Cost= $500.00 US | Open to the public
July 19 Los Angeles MSIA Ministers Meeting Live!

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This Ministers Meeting is for current Active Ministers in MSIA. The MSIA ministry is first and foremost a ministry of service. The specific ministry is chosen by the individual minister in accordance with his or her own inner direction. The MSIA Ministry  supports the choice to reach out and assist others in thoughtful, loving, non-inflictive ways.

  • LA= 9-11am (PDT) | NY= 12-2pm (EDT) | London= 5-7pm (BST)
  • For login instructions and dates for the LA Ministers meetings click here.
July 25-26 Intuition, Health, Openness & Prosperity IHOP 3: Living the Christ Consciousness Live!

Experience and apply the ancient, spiritual teachings on health, coupled with the very latest scientific discoveries on the energy systems of the body! Facilitated by Paul Kaye, DSS and Dr. Mark Holmes, OMD. This class will be presented live from Prana and Live online, in English and Spanish, once a month for twelve months.