J-R Visits Windermere

This past week, I was driving J-R to Santa Barbara for an appointment. We happened to get there early and decided to check in on Windermere. It was an absolutely beautiful day, with sunshiny blue skies. The ranch has seen many new changes since we were there last, including the llamas, goats, foals as well as new fencing around the property.

We had a great time, and a good laugh meeting Valentino the llama (you can view a short video here). We also met the two new foals Moonstar and Romeo, and they really took a liking to J-R, nuzzling him with sweetness.

I was really glad to have gotten J-R up to the ranch to bring the energy in the way that J-R does, and was also very happy to find the ranch vital and active. I took some pictures, and hope you enjoy. If you get a chance, I highly recommend visiting!
Signing out with Love and Light,

9 thoughts on “J-R Visits Windermere

  1. Jann ZB says:

    Thank you Nathaniel for taking that opportunity and sharing it! XO
    God Bless You!

  2. Robert says:

    yes i got the inside invite,, I am going up Saturday!!!11/`12

  3. Michael A. Barber says:

    God Bless You JR.
    L&L Michael

  4. raphael davidgabriel says:

    thank yu Nat for the story and pics

    raphael david gabriel

  5. Awesome, Nat!!! Thank you and God Bless you, J-R, and all the people and animal beings at Windermere!!

  6. Thanks for writing this up Nathaniel. I’ve not been up to Windermere in years (since we cleared October Glen) and this brought it all back home. Love and Light

  7. Angela Lee says:

    It is great to see both of you at Windermere! The Llamas do look like characters. Paz, Angela

  8. Marc Darrow says:

    Always a lift to hear about and see JR (even photos work). Thank you NAT.
    Love, Marc

  9. Clara Beatriz Jaramillo Restrepo says:

    How Sweet Nat…
    I hope J-R had a chance to also visit the new gardens that our fellow minister Andrew Baillie started over a year ago. So much beauty to see at Windermere Ranch. A Land of Peace, given by our Beloved for Peace! 😉
    Much Loving,

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