John Morton’s Prayers at MSIA Prayer Service on National Day of Prayer and Remembrance

By: John Morton DSS

September 20th, 2001


John Morton’s Prayers at MSIA Prayer Service on National Day of Prayer and Remembrance

Article imageThis opening prayer was given by John Morton at MSIA’s prayer service on September 14, 2001, on the national day of prayer and remembrance.

I’d like to encourage us to take a moment, and I will, in my own way, give you my view on what I’m asking from God, and a lot of it is making myself available.

I think at this time, each one of us, if we’re in any way sensitive to who we are, feel compelled to do something. Yesterday, when I heard of today being a National Day of Prayer, I wanted to respond. I wanted to do something. I wanted us to provide a place, and I consider this an open place for all.

One way I look at prayer is that it may start out with what we’re asking or even demanding of God, but it really always completes when we realize there’s a relationship that is being asked of us as well. So here is my vision for this opening prayer that I’ll share with you.

Lord God, we gather as your children here, that once again what takes place in the world has shown us that we need to pay attention to Your guidance, to the will that You bring before us. And we realize that there is more that we can do all across this world in every culture in every land.

Long ago, you called upon us to love one another. We hear that in the very beginning, with the first families, there was strife and there was struggle and there was hatred. Yet all along, You have called upon us to love one another. That has been Your eternal message to us as we come upon this earth.

Once again, we can see the terrible results that take place when we do not love one another, when one of us or many of us are led by hatred and its kind.

So as we open our hearts to serve You today, we ask that the truth of our being be shown to us, that we can behold a vision that all across this world we can get along: We can respect one another in our differences. We can rejoice in each other’s worship regardless of how it expresses itself. We can celebrate all the differences and diversity across all the lands.

You have told us before that where there is hatred, we are to sow peace. We are to respond in the love that is toward all, that we may realize we will put aside the darkness that is in our midst. We call upon your angels of mercy to touch to the hearts and minds of those who can be converted by Your will, that it is Your work that this is done.

We pray that with whatever change must take place that is difficult to understand why, we are those who are preparing a place for a world that lives in peace, that lives in harmony. We pray that this world is restored as Your garden, as a place of plenty, and that Your heaven that is in the Spirit can once again reign in this world.

We give thanks for Your healing that goes out to those who are suffering all across the planet. And we especially ask that You visit those who are contemplating destruction and violence, that You may show them a better way. Show us a lasting solution, that the world that we bring to our children and our children’s children from this day forward gets only better.

And let it begin with us here and with all those across this world who are praying this day, that You are straightening our minds to Your will and that You are softening our hearts, that we are tender to the ways of love and Light. We realize we are all brothers and sisters. We are all your children.

Baruch Bashan. (The blessings already are.)

This prayer was given by John Morton to close MSIA’s prayer service.

I was seeing a vision that I’d like to share with you as a kind of prayer. One of the ways I relate to prayer is that we can be shown what we are to become and the reality of who we are, even though we can also be very aware that we’ve strayed, we’ve turned, we’ve forgotten the things that really are our true nature, our Divine nature. I saw something for me that is very special, which I’m going to put in words and share with you as best I can as my way of doing a prayer at this point.

Lord God, we give thanks that You do come to us in our Spirit, that You bring to our minds the answers that we do not know how to comprehend, and that through what I see and share with all those who are gathered here who are watching and listening, You will provide what we are to know. And in this we all take our strength.

You have shown that in our Spirit, we have the capacity to move beyond this world, that each one of us can realize ourselves as more than our material self, more than the self that’s in the world, and realize that we are radiant Light beings.

You have called us all. And those of us who can hear and respond to what we see from Your vision, we join those in Spirit. We join hands. We join so that we are connected in every way, that every part of us touches to another in the Spirit.

And in the calamity of the world of the present time, You show us what we are to learn, that we are in a period of change and transformation, that there is a great opportunity and an answer to our prayers, the prayers that have been issued over and over, long ago by our forefathers and again by those of us who are here as brothers and sisters, though we may forget that all of us on this planet are brothers and sisters.

And so to each one of us gathered in the Spirit in our radiant form, You show this world. We surround it, and we bring about a force that is the Light and the love, that You are always present with us. So, God, it is Your Light and Love that we are bringing forth.

In our connection, both in the flesh and in the Spirit, we are holding. It is Your strength that holds us together and unites us. So we enfold this planet. We enfold all that is upon the planet, from the past, the present, or what is to become. We enfold it with Your peace.

We are those who are bringing about a great change. This change will usher forth what must be done. So we come closer. And as we come closer to the earth from the Spirit, we, too, materialize. We bring about the density that is of this level. We bring about the issues that come forward as we come upon the earth, and we sense the forgetfulness, we sense the darkness, we sense the separation, the pain, and the suffering.

And yet we know as we come to the earth and we enclose it in a closer and closer encircling of Your body, that a new earth is being brought about. It is bringing about a pressure so that as we come closer in this body of Light and love, the forces of darkness and separation are brought into greater pressure. And we see there is a greater suffering. We see there is greater darkness. Wherever it is upon earth, like cells in a great body that have become diseased, that have become cancerous, we are bringing a healing that comes upon it as a great touch.

As we become closer to what is going on at this time upon the earth, and for all time, we soon are able to look into the faces, to actually see those who are in the flesh who are waging war, who are harboring darkness and hatred. We come closer in our Light and love, even in the flesh, and we also find that those who are dedicated to this action of Your transformation of the Light and love are strengthened in Your purpose, knowing Your will is being done.

And even as there is a greater calamity and a greater disturbance upon the earth, we come closer and hold for greater strength in the Light and love and peace that You are. For whatever must transpire in this transformation, we hold for the prayer that is being answered, that we bring forth a millennium of peace. We hold it to become, that it is done at this time. And for all those in the flesh, this is the Spirit that shall reign forever and ever.

Baruch Bashan. (The blessings already are.)

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