Baraka: Divine Essence From Spirit

By: John-Roger DSS

December 6th, 2016

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper in 1987.
Very often when you become involved in spiritual teachings coming from the high, positive realms of God-awareness and you open yourself to that transcendent consciousness we call the Mystical Traveler, Spirit comes forward by means of what orthodox religions call “grace.” Jesus said it this way, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20) The people Jesus spoke to might not have understood the Sufi word Baraka, so he said it in another way, but the meaning is the same. In India, the quality of spiritual blessing is also referred to as Darshan. It is a quality very similar to Baraka transmitted through the eyes from one to another. This essence can be called many names. We know it as divine love, and through divine love we share Baraka with each and everyone we meet.

When you, in your individual way, tune into that which is divine love, the center where you know goodness dwells, the place where you truly live and express calmly, peacefully and with love, then your behavior becomes a true representation of the Christ within you. When this process starts, you are opening the portals of your Soul. Awakening to the Soul is not an intellectual process; it’s a state of being and doing.

As your expression becomes more closely matched with the inner integrity of your being, you find yourself moving into the Christ of your inner consciousness. It’s a place which has no description; although it may be the greatest level of reality, it is like paying your Self a visit. It’s like coming home inside your Self. The joy, bliss and ecstasy which can come forward from that small visit with your Self can carry you through some very rough spots in your life. Since you dwell primarily in a negative existence—on a negative planet, in the negative realms of Light, in a negative body—you find a greater preponderance of negative things to work through. And you find the Lord of negative creation, the Kal power, is present to prove to you that you are becoming worthwhile and surviving the snares and pitfalls of the lower realms.

It may become evident that if you were to attempt to reach the inner consciousness by yourself, you would probably be a very long time becoming aware of the Soul or the essence of divinity within you. One who is a wayshower can greatly speed up the process. When you work with a master who can guide you and assist you on this level and all the higher levels, you allow Spirit to work with you much more intensively. Spirit is like a fresh breeze blowing from heaven, making all things new and moving you through all the situations of your life in a spirit of love, friendliness and acceptance.

When situations in your life become difficult or painful, you may lose track of the fact that Spirit is still present in your life. The situation you perceive as negative may be Spirit’s blessing as it gives you the opportunity to clear and release certain karmic conditions very rapidly and move into greater strength and freedom. The Holy Spirit rarely comes in and overpowers the negative power, knowing very well that the negative force is here to perform a job. It is here to test and strengthen you, to prove to you your own worth. When you do not pass a test of negativity, that fact does not make the test an evil or bad process; it is a process which lets you know you still have work to do in that area. The Traveler can bring Baraka to your consciousness to assist you in finding the strength and integrity to deal with the situations in your life. It can help awaken you to your own God center so you gain a clear perspective of God’s presence in your life and of your part in the divine plan .

When you turn to the Light and Love within you, you may discover your connection to the Mystical consciousness—and at that point, you may be choosing to break the incarnation pattern with which you have been involved. As you move to break the hold of the lower worlds, you may find the forces of negativity “attacking” you in a much more specific way than before, because if you are involved in the conscious and direct pursuit of spiritual transcendence, they must do their job of making sure you learn the lessons necessary for your growth and upliftment. If you hold strong in your purpose, you will experience, even in the midst of the “attack,” the perfect spiritual protection which is extended to you through the consciousness of the Mystical Traveler.

Baruch Bashan.
John-Roger, DSS

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