God is in the Business of Forgiving

By: John-Roger DSS

March 21st, 2017

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God is in the Business of Forgiving


God is in the Business of Forgiving
by John-Roger, DSS

First published in Movement Newspaper April 1980 Vol. V, Iss 4

The God that we work with in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is the living, loving God. We call that the God of the heart. The God of the heart knows everything–and the God of the heart is in the business of forgiveness.

So there is no way to hide and no need to hide. When you realize that you are in the presence of the Divine all the time, and you start practicing that presence by living each moment in a loving way, everything you have done in the past that has been a block to you can be placed on “hold” as indefinitely as you care to have it.
The good news about that is that it gives you the freedom to evolve without having to run the patterns of compulsion and without being run by the obsessions in your life.

You have the opportunity to step free of those patterns, until such time as you have the ability and the wisdom to clear them. You don’t have to run those negative patterns in your life. And the other nice news about that is that the patterns are still there. They are just placed on “hold.” The moment that you think you are better than anyone or that you “have it made,”you move yourself outside of grace, and the negative patterns move right back in on you and that’s called “humble pie.” Once you do get high enough in Spirit, however, you can take all that has been placed on “hold” and dissolve it. You do get to do that. No one else does it for you. YOU do it.

Often you struggle to discover how to do that, and it’s difficult because there is no mechanism in the physical world to do that–to place negative patterns on hold and then later to dissolve them. So no matter how much you struggle here, you end up struggling here, until you discover the grace within your own consciousness. And the struggle is worthwhile, because it will prevent you from sinking. Just that you are able to hold up and keep struggling makes that struggle worthwhile. Some people haven’t been able to keep up, they’ve sunk, and they’ve said that it’s not that bad. I’ve sunk often, and it’s terrible. It’s terrible because I know what the value of living loving is. Without knowing the truth of living love, then perhaps it’s not so bad.

The bad news about working with the Traveler is that the Traveler takes you to the well of loving and dips YOU in it–all of you, not just your hand or your head or your heart. When you experience that total immersion in loving, you are willing to go into the waters of purification and of life; you are even joyous to do this. And you know there is no turning back. If you attempt to turn back, life becomes a living hell for you. As long as you stay focused on your forward path, as long as you continually move deeper into the experience of the Divine, as long as you practice the presence of the Divine, you make this world a portable paradise. And you get to live IN the world without getting caught in it.

When you are present in the loving, then you are free. When you are loving, you are able to bypass an awful lot of the distractions of this world. When you are loving, you see the person with whom you are relating, not their physical body, not their emotions, not their mind, not their bank book or their income, not their role or image or facade. You see the reality of who they are and you are present in loving that reality. Now, when you are doing that, you may also see all those other illusions about them, but you will see those in perspective to the greater reality.

Sometimes we really have it together as spiritual beings…and then we find our mouths betraying that by getting caught up in bragging and pushing our opinion off on others. Later, when we have bypassed that moment, something opens inside of us and we gain insight into our actions and think, “Wow, I didn’t have to say that. I could have just kept my mouth shut.” Often, keeping your mouth shut is a vital part of answering the questions you ask inside. You find that you can experience Spirit and ground that experience in your physical body just by keeping your mouth shut and not dissipating the energy by verbal chatter.

Take the energy that comes in to you from Spirit and just sit with it, just BE with it. Part of the problem is that when you gain some sort of spiritual recognition, there is the tendency to run and tell everybody.
You run and tell them, and they say, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s really stupid.”
And then the seeds of doubt are sown, and you doubt your own experience and the presence of the Divine within you.

When you have the desire to share something precious of your own nature, check your motives and see if you are sharing out of ego and pride and the need for their approval or if you are sharing out of your love for that other person and your desire to give something of value to them for their own growth and upliftment. If it’s the first reason, you might do well not to share that with them; just keep it to yourself. And if it’s the second reason, it won’t matter too much to you what their reaction is because your sharing is given in freedom and in loving.

When you realize that the Divine is always present with you; when you realize that God is the most intimate experience you have; when you come into your knowledge of God…something opens in you and you are living your life to the fullest extent possible. Then you become the knower, the avatar, your own savior. You are the Divine. At that moment there appears inside of you an experlence, a phenomena that is an inner connection to that Light that will guide you through each moment.

The Christmas story of the “star of Bethlehem” is an outer representation of that inner experience. The star of Bethlehem was that Light that guided the wise men to the Christ. As you awaken to the Divine, you will see the star inside of you, the Light that will guide you to the Christ within.

As you work with the Mystical Traveler and begin to learn of soul travel, you will close your eyes, chant the sacred tones of God, connect with that Light and with the audible light stream, which we call the Sound Current, and you will start moving back through your fields of consciousness, moving always closer to the ultimate God.
As you traverse the inner realms, you will see a star appear, which is the star of Bethlehem, and is also referred to as the star of David…and “David” translates as “the loved one.” You may have to approach that many, many times. It will come toward you and you will go toward it, until one day when it will burst upon you and you are born again into a Christed being. At that time, you will step forward and see the Traveler there waiting for you, and at that point, you begin your journey into the very heart of God.

The blessings already are.

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