Experience: An Introduction to Meditation and Sound

By: David Whitaker

April 6th, 2017

Experience: An Introduction to Meditation and Sound

“As you connect to the Sound Current, you are more open to receive the inner teachings. The inner teachings clarify and strengthen you in Spirit, and then you connect to the Sound Current on even higher levels.”
– John-Roger

I arrive at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens at seven o’clock in the evening. Hand-carved wooden motifs adorn the walls of the grand entrance. Angels playing harps and cellos are painted on the ceiling and look down on an array of instruments. Here’s what they see:

Ocean Drum
Rain Stick
Himalayan Singing Bowls
Crystal Singing Bowls
Crystal Lyre
Shruti Box
Titanium Cosmic Tubes
Artisanal 12 inch Brass Gong
32 inch Paiste Symphonic Gong
Koshi Chimes
Planetary Tuning Forks

The room is set for an Introduction to Meditation and Sound | A Deeper Experience, an event facilitated by Paul Kaye.

Tonight, the event is opened by Alethea Lamb on clarinet, accompanied by an the drone of an electronic shruti box. She plays while the guests find their places – lying on the floor and sitting on plush couches or in black folding chairs.

At 7:30 PM, Alethea stops playing and a meditative silence fills the room.

Paul begins by saying, “Our body hears more than our ears hear.”

We are here to listen closely, both inwardly and outwardly. If we’re fortunate, we’ll get to hear the deep sound that pythagoras called celestial music and the Sufi’s Called the unstruck sound.

“Here, we call it the Sound Current of God,” Paul says. He begins to play. The sounds and the harmonics of the mysterious instruments fill the air. They resonate with the bodily rhythms of my breath and heart. I relax.

I experience hearing with more than my ears as the sound of the symphonic gong rolls over me.

The Ocean Drum sounds like the wind and the sea.

The strummed monochord brings mysterious melodies and creates harmonics that vibrate the air.

Between instruments, guided meditations from John-Roger help me to hear the deep sounds of my consciousness.

Periodic silence brims with peace of which my Soul drinks deeply.

In this short video, Paul talks about sound and plays some instruments:

Here is a short interview with Bobby, who has participated in the class four times:

  1. How did you find out about the Introduction to Meditation and Sound?

My friend found out about the meditation class. She told me about the Labyrinth and the gardens. I thought it sounded pretty cool so I decided to give it a try.

  1. You mentioned you’ve been to this class 4 times or so. Can you describe your experience in two or three sentences?

The experience is similar to the sensory deprivation chambers, but with sound and a little bit of chanting at times. I feel relaxed. For the duration of the class, you can forget about the noise of the city and clear you mind.

  1. What do you think that other people should know about the Introduction to Meditation and Sound?

You don’t have to be an experienced meditator. It’s not super religious either. The moderator will lead you through the journey with the sounds and some breathing exercises, but you are free to practice the meditation and let your mind roam and clear itself as it will.

Thank you for reading.

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