Spain & Portugal Tour 2017 | The Way of the Traveler

By: Julie Lurie

September 8th, 2017

Spain & Portugal Tour 2017 | The Way of the Traveler


The Way of the Traveler | Iberia 2017 | El Camino del Viajero

September 10 thru October 10, 2017

Dear Beloved,

We invite you to follow along with us by viewing our daily blog, pictures, and videos. We also invite you to send the light to the Tour and to all involved.

John Morton will be Live Streaming from Madrid, Spain for a Seminar on Forgiveness, a sacred evening experiencing forgiveness and the teachings of Soul Transcendence. The event is September 12, 2017 at 8:00 pm in Madrid (11 am PDT Los Angeles). Click at the time of the event to view the event.

Join Us in Planting Light Columns wherever you are and Light up the World together.

Here are two handouts from John-Roger on “Light Columns”
Click here | Planting Light Columns #1 by John-Roger
Click here | Planting Light Columns #2 by John-Roger

The map below shows the dates and locations of travel for the Spain & Portugal Tour. If you’d like to participate and support the Light action around the planet, join us in visualizing a Light column each morning in the city that’s on the itinerary.

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Thank you for the beautiful map with dates! I am so Grateful for the opportunity to participate in this way as a group! Thank you for all for your service! I know there is much work put it all together. Thank you for making it possible for all of us to participate in this way with each of you. God Bless us all. Continued Loving and Light. In Deepest Gratitude and in Loving, Darlene Heart

Great initiative Julie Thank You so much!

Thanks Julie and team. We look forward to sharing the Spain trip with you and all.

    Hi My beautiful Friends so glad you can join us!!

This is exciting. I love Planting Light Columns. Thanks for the invitation..Margrett Gary.

Hello my loves May all the flights get into and out of USA with all our weather LIGHT brearers are needed around the world
lovings and blessings

Love you Julie Great work !! Light through live stream worldwide!! FTHG oac))) Hugs too))

Thank you for bringing forward how I can more actively participate in the Spain & Portugal Tour each day by placing Light columns in each City and right here in Los Angeles. And thank you for the 2-hand outs on placing Light columns. God bless you; Light to The Traveler and to all at the Spain & Portugal Tour.