All Organization Reps Meeting – Conference 2017

By: David Whitaker, photos by David Sand

June 29th, 2017

All Organization Reps Meeting – Conference 2017


We are the representatives of the Traveler organizations, gathering in service to the Mystical Traveler and making MSIA’s teachings available. Over 75 people attended in person and 227 people joined us via Live Stream (the most ever for this event).

David Bransky and Jean Marie Hamel facilitated with humor and grace as we took the opportunity to explore our individual service to the traveler.

Highlights from the meeting:

Mark and Vincent announce the upcoming launch of the MSIA app for iPhone and iPad. [Click here to learn more]. They also welcome MSIA’s new comms team!

“How to share about MSIA” for all MSIA students will be on July 22nd. If you’d like practice sharing about MSIA with new folks, this is the webinar for you and you can participate online or via phone.[Click here to register or email]

Leigh Taylor-Young Morton brought forward a blessing for the Reps.

John Morton shared a message of encouragement with the reps and more!



If you’d like to jump right to Leigh’s blessing which is followed by John’s sharing, it starts at 2:36:00.


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