The Highest Service

By: John-Roger DSS

September 14th, 2017

The Highest Service

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, July 1986

When we talk about service, we realize that the most important thing we have to do is love. Then we don’t look at things as being a burden or a sacrifice and we really aren’t too concerned about anyone’s concept of truth at this point. At the moment of service we are living the faith all the time, a faith that is demonstrated as a continuing ongoing process. We don’t need to analyze through the intellect. Through divine love we see things in their proper place. Then we simply use our will to recognize it.

Divine love is not possessive. We express our devotion as “I love you,” or “God Bless you.” Life begins unfolding. We are not even in an area of discipline anymore; we have bypassed it. We enter the area of divine service and we are part of those who have learned to live in freedom.

At the time you are entering the great path that is called the master’s path — where you will either become a master or you will meet a master — at that time great joy will be awakened in you. When the Spirit inside of us takes place, then everything you have done becomes a credit to your existence. At that time, those things that have been labeled sins are now just experiences that are stepping stones on the upward path.

The interesting thing about the master’s path is that either you master it, or it masters you. There is no neutral ground. Many people say, “I would like to be a master.” Then I say, “That is a very commendable idea, do you know what that represents?” And of course they all have an idea of not having to do anything anymore.

As long as you are in the physical body, you may as well stay cheerful and continually cling to the iron rod of your own beingness. Can you perish after you have become a master? Sure you can perish. If you are a master, you have the ability to let go and not be a master.

There are also some who reach the pinnacle of their consciousness and then rapidly decline. Maybe at some point they stopped loving and started possessing. Maybe at some point they stopped being of service and started complaining that you were not doing your part to help; or maybe they started to discipline other people instead of maintaining their own discipline. It could be that their devotion became blackmail — do it or else — and their will then became destructive. Or maybe their creativity starts to become destructive, they start trying to destroy you, to hurt you, to punish you and in this they block your faith. You lose the vision of who you are and then you start sacrificing your own abilities to find God. At this point truth eludes you and you step into illusion of re-embodiment.

The rungs of the ladder upon which you ascend can also descend the same way. There is room at the top because a lot of people get there and come down the other side as long as they reside in a physical body. No one is exempt to this possibility. I am certainly not an exception to this. You must continually exercise your consciousness of living free, where you can choose whatever you choose, you can go wherever you go, and you can do whatever you do.

I have said many times over, you can go where you want to go, do what you want to, believe what you want to believe, test what you want to test and doubt what you want to doubt, and that’s all right with me. I am going to maintain my levels of awareness, regardless. It just so happens that when I maintain my own levels, the people around me who are in the consciousness of divine expression can maintain theirs much more readily, because the spiritual consciousness is a reference point.

We all have the spiritual consciousness. However you approach it is fine. There are many approaches to get into that awareness. It is just the spiritual way of working for the highest God of all concerned. No matter how much we want to master someone or something or some little idiom of our own consciousness, we do not become masters until we see the face of God and we lift into that consciousness where all things reside perfectly. Then the beautiful trick is to bring it back down into the mechanism of the brain and the intellect and out to this physical apparatus to communicate and bypass the illusions that our mouths are heir to. When we have done this, we can say that we did master that.

However, have you ever noticed that it is a continual state of mastering expression, refining, perfecting? And when we have done this, no one can take us from the pinnacle of masterhood. Not only that, but no one can put you on the pinnacle of masterhood. You anoint yourself, you crown yourself, you save yourself, and you become all things to yourself. All someone else is going to do is to reflect to you that you are there or not. It comes down to: “to thine own Self be true.”

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these other things are added (the trick to that is after you find the Kingdom of God, you don’t care about all these other things).

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This is such great sharing. Thank you. Much Love and Gratitude.

Right what I needed to read/hear to redirect myself into the greatest service and path of mastership. I truly needed it, believe me!!! 🙂 So grateful to J-R <3

Perfect message at the perfect timing. Many thanks for the post.

Thank you.


Thank you JR for this beautiful reminder

I enjoy reading John Roger:s articles