A Worldwide MSIA Home Seminar with John Morton


What a precious way to participate in an MSIA Home Seminar — Live and Online with our Traveler John Morton and MSIA Ambassador Leigh Taylor-Young Morton serving as our Seminar Co-Leaders, and with John’s precious son, Zane, in wonderful support! While Home Seminars are often held in someone’s home with an intimate gathering of participants, this evening’s Home Seminar reached
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Editing with Love | The Life & Times of Nancy Carter


Heart-to-heart healing is the goodness of one heart moving and touching another heart, which can remove [edit out] hurts, regrets and envies. This other heart will then come forward and touch back to the first heart, and these hearts will start to heal each other.

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Mary Magdalene’s French Connection


Mary Magdalene is best known for having been the first one present at Jesus Christ’s resurrection, and a symbol of His power of forgiveness and transformation. Though her true story has been altered, and perhaps many facts added or removed over the centuries, more details and theories of her life have surfaced in recent years, calling into question whether the usual depiction of Mary
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