A Seminar Full of Blessings with John Morton at Prana

Marjorie Eaton, photos on the iPhone by Kelly Sheehan-Funk

It was a full house for John Morton’s seminar at Prana on March 29, with many long-time MSIAers present. Host, Richard Mitz, welcomed all. Richard...

The Harmonic Convergence Concert

Penelope Bright

The Concert at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens on February 22nd, 2014, was a celebration of the release of the new CD Sky Watching, featuring...

Riding Lesson | Meanwhile Up At The Ranch

Jack Espey

Windermere Ranch, Santa Barbara, February 2014 During the last IIWP picnic, at Windermere, Ana Sophia McComb was experiencing sitting on top of a...

Worry Be Gone Seminar by John Morton

Carol Jones, photos by Kelly Sheehan-Funk

Prana, Saturday February 1, 2014 It was the week before the seminar and emails were flying all over the airwaves. (I still wonder often how words...

Q&A with the John Morton in San Francisco, 2013

Mary McClary, photos by David Sand

Sunday morning, December 15, began frosty then melted into bright sunlight glinting off the waters of the Bay. It was the day to gather at the...

Loving and Lighting Up Each Moment: A Seminar with John Morton in San Francisco

Terilee Wunderman, photos by David Sand

I hadn’t known I would be able to watch the Open MSIA Seminar Live Online from San Francisco, but through loving each moment I was blessed to be...

A Thanksgiving Full of Blessings at Prana

Marjorie Eaton, photos by David Sand

No rain, just a beautiful cool sunny day, with everyone coming Home to Prana for Thanksgiving.   Even as folks were still registering on the front...

A Blessed Peace Workshop in Omoku Nigeria

Debbie Roth & Prince Iwuoha

On November 23, 2013, Prince Iwuoha offered a Finding Peace in Today’s World workshop in the Omoku MSIA Centre in Rivers State, Nigeria. It was...

Peacemaker Meeting in Ghana 2013

Prince Iwuoha

The 'Peace-Maker Meeting' held in Accra-Ghana on Sunday 27th October 2013 was a great success, a blessing and indeed facilitated in Spirit’s...

Update on IIWP Peace Events for the International Day of Peace 2013

Debbie Roth

Communities around the world hosted 20 IIWP peace events to celebrate this year’s International Day of Peace. The Day of Peace itself is on...

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