A Gathering of Peace and Beauty in Ghana

Debbie Roth an Prince Iwouha

On November 16th 2014, Prince Iwuoha held the second-ever Peacemaker Meeting in Ghana. Peacemaker Meetings are informal gatherings sponsored by...

Celebrating John-Roger's Life

Join us in celebrating our Beloved Mystical Traveler John-Roger

Our beloved John-Roger made his transition from the physical body into Spirit on Tuesday October 22nd, 2014. While we are, of course, greatly...

On The Road with Paul Kaye in Bulgaria & Russia 2014

Paul Kaye DSS

After leaving the amazing, incredible, and mystical Light Tour in Jerusalem the services staff split off in several directions: John and Leigh to...

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Prana

Teri Breier with Zoe Golightly and Carol Jones, photos by David Sand

On a warm afternoon under sunny skies, there was something for everyone attending the Prana 40th Anniversary Celebration on August 9th at the Home of...

DSS Worldwide Online -- Invitation, Inspiration, Information -- Join us!


As you know this year PTS will be launching the DSS 1 program Worldwide at Prana West and LIVE Online with Spanish translation. The opportunities to...

A Beautiful Ministry: AyudaMas Venezuela

Julio Trujillo and Terilee Wunderman

Dear Fellow Ministers, I am sharing this beautiful message from an MSIA minister, Julio Trujillo, who currently lives in Venezuela. He was part...

MSIA Nigeria participates in the Conference of Soul Transcendence Online

Prince Iwuoha

Beloved, I want to start by thanking the Travelers for giving us this wonderful opportunity and privilege for participating fully in the Conference...

Spanish Representatives Meeting at the Conference of Soul Transcendence

Sylvia Giussani-Baillie, photos by David Sand

Having the Spanish Reps sharing about their communities and service was a very Light-filled experience that opened my heart. Sharing our love and...

MSIA Mini-Marathon: John Morton Live Seminar and John-Roger Recorded Seminar at Prana, the Home of the Traveler

Penelope Bright and Carol Jones, photos by David Sand

The mansion at 3500 West Adams is a grand old lady. As they say, she’s got great “bones.” And on Friday, May 16th, although the weather was...

A Beautiful Watertown Peacemaker Meeting and Peace Pole Planting with John Morton

David Jenkins and Emily Page, photos provided by John Morton

Note: You can check out a Peacemaker Meeting at the Watertown Free Public Library, offered almost every month by David and Emily. For info on the...

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