What Can One Person Do?

1985 JR in China_640

This article by John-Roger was first published in The Movement Newspaper, January 1984. We are becoming part of a global shift in which each individual is the model for a positive, caring, productive, cooperative and loving member of the human family. Because of this, there is no alternative to personal integrity.  You count, I count – we all count.

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A Worldwide MSIA Home Seminar with John Morton


What a precious way to participate in an MSIA Home Seminar — Live and Online with our Traveler John Morton and MSIA Ambassador Leigh Taylor-Young Morton serving as our Seminar Co-Leaders, and with John’s precious son, Zane, in wonderful support! While Home Seminars are often held in someone’s home with an intimate gathering of participants, this evening’s Home Seminar reached
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The Best Of These Is Love


This article by John-Roger was first published in The Movement Newspaper, August 1984. At some point in everyone’s life, we have felt an urge to love. And as much as we wanted to express that love to someone, we didn’t. It might have seemed easier to not express our love, but the end result was probably a feeling of rejection or a decision to never love anyone again.

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Integrity Day Tour 9/24/ Screening Mystical Traveler Film and 9/26 John-Roger Marathon John-Roger turns 81 — Happy Birthday J-R!


Thank you to all that gave Nicole and I support to travel to Israel to celebrate J-R’s 81st Birthday. It’s coming to one year since his passing into Spirit and I must say it’s been strange. Returning to Israel I knew I must not try to repeat what I have done there with J-R but rather try new things and go to different places to share J-R’s teachings. Last year was spectacular as J-R was
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J-R Legacy Tour, Part 3 Day 5 – Bond. James Bond.


We have a fancy-schmancy gourmet lunch at the Hotel du Palais on the beach in Biarritz. It was originally the summer palace built for Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III, and was a big part of establishing Biarritz as a resort for royalty. (The hotel is actually shaped like an “E” for Eugénie.)  There’s some birthday cake and a candle for Anne Naylor. After the lunch we have some
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J-R Legacy Tour Part 3 Day 4: John Morton Second Sharing


Another drifting, peaceful sharing day at our idyllic lakeside retreat. Check out the dining area with the curved panes of glass above the large windows overlooking the lake, and the white columns just outside, that add the perfect touch of Maxfield Parrish empyrean timelessness. Cranes nest nearby and fly across the lake as John shares. John sometimes blesses gifts we were given for the trip,
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J-R Legacy Tour Part 3, Day 3 – Ascent to Paradise


A desultory tourist day that would have been much more fun spent in bed in some silky southern French hotel, but, if you look from the negative point of view, we’ve been going nonstop for so long that we just get on and off the bus as we’re told, and we’re too tired to mutiny. From the positive point of view, we assume that everything we do has a higher purpose that we
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J-R Legacy Tour Part 3, Day 2 – John Morton Sharing


When I wake up, even without knowing the schedule, I can feel it’s going to be a sharing day with the Traveler at our homey, simple-but-elegant Basque farmhouse-chalet-style retreat. The sharing days share a similar set of sensations. I wake up into a dream instead of from a dream. There’s a floaty, otherworldly feeling where time and space seem to be flattened into two dimensions,
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