Into the Sun: The Final Journey of My Best Friend’s Body


The feelings inside of me seemed to match the grayish monotone color of the outside world that morning. As I boarded the bus just outside of Asilomar and took my seat midway to the back, I could feel my jeans cold and wet, drenched through the pant legs between where my jacket and boots protected me from the downpour. The crystal clear blue waters and sun drenched seas of Bora Bora, where we
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Our True Friendship in the Lord


When we look for a friend, we’re really looking for someone we can trust who doesn’t abandon, betray, lie, deceive or go against us. Those are qualities that are very difficult to uphold in the flesh because to be human is to in some way falter. In the story of Jesus, there were points when Jesus was on his knees. There was a sense of faltering in the flesh, in the human aspect of who Jesus
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Ringing In Our Resolutions: 2015 New Year’s Resolution — A Spiritual Spa Morning with John Morton

Three days into 2015, nearly 600 participants joined around the globe to ponder their intentions for this freshly delivered year at the ninth annual New Year’s Resolution Spiritual Spa Morning. Sponsored by Peace Theological Seminary, the event was, as always, masterfully facilitated by MSIA’s spiritual director John Morton at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (also known as Prana).
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J-R in Our Hearts and All Around Us at Living In Grace 2014

My first Living In Grace was in 2010. I was new on staff, new to MSIA and new to who John-Roger is. I was overflowing with joy, gratitude and a great reverence for what the Spirit has prepared in each of us. I remember being so excited that I just walked around in circles pacing the room because I had so much energy running through me. Jsu, being the brilliant Light that he is, called me
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