Touring Windermere after the Conference of the Christ


Walking around in a fog in a parking lot is well, foolish.  Walking around in a fog at Windermere is cool and mystical.  And in California it is cool to be mystical.  It was definitely cool to be able to show people (I’m talking good people) some of the places at Windermere that can sneak up on you and place a crystal in your heart.  And from that point on you’re just a loving
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Ministers & Initiates Meetings | Conference of the Christ


Sunday of Conference still holds a special place in my heart. I love gathering together with MSIA Ministers and Initiates, celebrating Ministers and Volunteers of the Year, and experiencing the high spiritual energy of two or more gathered together in Soul Transcendence.

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Happiness at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens


Tuesday, June 23 around 2PM, I walked out the front door to greet 4 quiet, timid girls, welcoming them to Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. These girls are from the local Girl Scout chapter in the neighborhood, one of the few chapters in the area, I was told by one of the leaders. They were accompanied by 3 younger women who served as their den leaders.

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An MSIA Workshop in Kyoto, Japan


Recently, we held our first MSIA-related event in Kyoto, a Meditation Workshop.  Twelve participants (of which 10 were attending their first MSIA meeting) gathered at a beautiful Japanese-style room located near Kyoto Station.  Most of the people came from the Kobe area, just under one hour distance by train from Kyoto.

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Best of Super II 2015


This past Memorial Day, we held the 12th annual and final Best of Super II with John Morton and Michael Hayes in its current format in Ojai.  What started as one person’s vision 12 years ago, has just completed umpteen hours of sacred one-on-one sharings designed to take us all on a journey deeper and deeper into our spiritual hearts.  This year’s group was the most intimate ever,
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