For Active Ordained MSIA Ministers


Live Online Ministers Meetings

Los Angeles MSIA Ministers Meetings are also available for viewing live online by active MSIA ministers in good standing, and are also available to view as a recording through to the end of that month.

Los Angeles MSIA Ministers Meeting Online, 9:00am-11:00am PDT

Click Here – For Upcoming Ministers Meeting Dates

REQUIREMENTS To Participate Live Online

Minister In Good Standing
Current subscription to Discourses – OR – Current subscription to SATs if you have completed Discourse #144.

Renewed By Your Birthday
To remain current and active in your ministry you must also renew your credential every year. If you did not receive your pre-printed renewal form in the mail (this is sent usually about two months prior to your birthday month), or you have misplaced it:

Click Here to Download a Renewal Form

Please print it out, complete and sign it, and mail back to your local review board. If you do not have a local review board, send to Ministerial Services In Action at the address on the renewal form.

MSIA Store Log-In
To attend live online you must have an MSIA store log-in. Scroll down to read instructions for creating a MSIA store log-in for the first time.**

HOW-TO SIGN-IN And Watch The Meeting Live Online

1. Go To

2. Log-In using your MSIA store username and password.**
If you need to create this for the first time, scroll down to read instructions for creating the MSIA store log-in.**

3. The Meeting will go live and play automatically from approx 8:30am on Ministers Meeting Sundays.

Questions? Technical Support?

For Live Online Questions and technical support email

For all questions and assistance regarding your MSIA store account and store login – contact Products during business hours (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5:30pm PDT) email or call (323) 737-4055.

For any other questions email

Creating Your MSIA Store Log-In

It takes at least one business day to activate your MSIA store log-in!   We suggest that you practice and check that you can successfully log-in at least by Thursday before the Ministers Meeting.

1. Go To

2. Complete the form and click Submit

3. Check you’re logged in by making sure you see your name along the top of the page. Contact Marina below if you need assistance.

MSIA Ministerial Newsletter

If you are not receiving reminder emails from the ministerial board, send an email to requesting your email be added to the list.

All updates published in this monthly newsletter will now also be available here – Ministerial Updates

Los Angeles & Live Online Ministers Meeting Dates

Click Here – For Upcoming Ministers Meeting Dates

Watch The LA Ministers Meeting Live Online

Active, Renewed and Have already tested your MSIA store Log-In?  Click Here – to watch the LA Ministers Meeting Live Online