John-Roger, DSS from Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise

Q: I have been very bothered by bad dreams for many years. When I ask for the Light and Traveler for protection while I sleep, is that all I need to do, or should I do something more specific?

A: If that does it for you, then that does it for you, and your intention is very important. If it helps you, you could also spend a few moments visualizing this protection: You can place yourself in a great, tall column of Light. See it going up into the heavens, really high, and see it anchoring deep into the earth below you. You can see it surrounding you and know that no negative forces can come through the power of the Light. Ask that it hold throughout the night.

- John-Roger, D.S.S.
(From: Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, p. 720-721)

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Sent Sunday 29 March 2015

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