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Walkin' In Paradise CD

NAT1-CD , Public Use

MSIA ministers Nat Sharratt and Brad Pie, in collaboration with John-Roger,...
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Price: $9.95

Meditation of the Christ CD

1329-CD , Personal Use

(Christmas Eve) J-R speaks of the "nowness"...
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Price: $10.00

Practical, Workable Spirituality CD

7865-CD , Public Use

In this Christmas Eve talk, John-Roger takes us into his own family and shares some of his childhood...
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Price: $10.00

Resurrection to the Newness CD

7748-CD , Public Use

This seminar is John-Roger at the top of his form. It was recorded at a Passover/Easter weekend when J-R looked at the idea of resurrection...
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Price: $10.00

Sharing This Holy Night with John-Roger CD

7039-CD , Personal Use

Join us in the joy of Christmas Eve. This 1981Christmas Eve seminar was our first telecast...
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Price: $10.00

The Action of the Christ CD

7660-CD , Personal Use

"People raise their hand and say, 'Lord Jesus, save me,'" John-Roger says in the beginning of this seminar...
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Price: $10.00

The Angel at the Gate CD

2084-CD , Personal Use

"In the story, when Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden," John-Roger begins, "I think it stated that an angel was placed at the gate to prevent them from going back in...
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Price: $10.00

The Meditation of Objectivity CD

2608-CD , Public Use

This is Soul Awareness Seminar by John-Roger
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Price: $10.00

The Power of Love CD

2075-CD , Personal Use

Watch, listen, think, do - and you are manifesting the power of love. Enough loving will handle any...

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Price: $10.00

What is Divinity?CD

7585-CD , Personal Use

John-Roger says when he first heard that he, the human being, was Divine Spirit, he...
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Price: $10.00

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