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Health From the Inside Out MP3

Health From the Inside Out

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The seminars in this set of 3 CDs outline how to use the energy of the body, starting at the cell level, to create better health. They include insights into and methods for overcoming the cycle of overeating. There is a description of the power of your thoughts and how to use this power for better health, as well as how to connect with the Supreme Source to promote healing and vitality.

This whole world boils down to one word -- energy -- and it's used either for you or against you.
-- John-Roger.

The packet includes:
1. Adapting Toward Health or Adopting Dis-ease (The bloodstream is either the cesspool or the life-giver.)
2. Are You Stuffing Your Expression? (What's Eating You?)
3. Are You Unconsciously Depleting Your Energy? (Energy follows thought to completion.)
4. Awakening Beyond Body Consciousness (Isn't each of us more than our body?)
5. The Body Balance Meditation.

God Bless You!


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