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Are You a Standard Deviation? DVD

Are You a Standard Deviation?

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When you were in school, weren't you just in awe of those bold students who kinda' outwitted the teacher by asking for what they wanted...and getting it? It's probably hard for you to imagine John-Roger as one of those students but go ahead and try. (That statement is a joke for those of us who know J-R because we've heard him talk about his days as a "bold" student many times.) You'll be helped along by this seminar in which J-R tells us how he got an "A" from his statistics professor, and then went on to get an "A" from his supervising teacher, Dr. Harry.

The tale continues with one of J-R's fellow police officers, whose name was also Harry. Now Harry knew that Dr. Harry liked fortune cookies, so he suggested that J-R.....well, get the seminar and find out for yourself! It's full of complicated and hilarious stories from J-R's life (or are they?).

You could probably put the whole seminar several deviations from the Bell Curve norm, but then, aren't we here to fill that whole Bell Curve with the peace that comes with laughter? J-R says, "No matter what’s said, have fun, laugh with it, smile and enjoy it. That peace that is present will show up, and show up, and show up, and it’s the only disease that I know, other than love, that is really totally contagious and infectious, because peace is not quiet or sedentary like a rock."

And if you flunked that course in Statistics -- or never took it -- relax. The Bell is just a shorthand way of comparing your behavior with that of your 70-year-old Aunt Minnie from Indiana.

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God Bless You!

Length of DVD: 52:10


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