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How is God Glorified? MP3

How is God Glorified?

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Before John-Roger answers the question in the title of this seminar, he offers a contrasting picture of false glorification. He says, "I've seen a lot of these religious people on television and they stand up there and act so humble, and they praise God like he's going out of style -- like he needs that! They give up their dignity. And people turn off the television sets, and turn off the religion, and turn off the Christ."

Then J-R speaks directly to those of us who aspire to love God with all our bodies, minds and spirits. "Let me just tell you something," he says. "God -- that very living God -- gets the glory when his people stand up inside and love him from their heart, when they do good among men assisting and helping wherever that's necessary. Stand up and take your divinity and show God that you've learned your lessons, that you're worthy of all the good."

So how do we glorify God? The answer has to do with being the best and most loving human we can be. The blueprint can be found in this seminar.

God Bless You!

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