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The Power Struggle Game CD

The Power Struggle Game

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This John-Roger seminar is for those of us who feel that our lives are not in our control. If that's you, read on. And if you think it isn't you, well, you're human, aren't you? It's likely that every human being has those moments of questioning their life. So, read on!

J-R poses the questions and offers the answers. "How do you get the power back from your environment? Let it go. How do you feel more powerful around other people? Let them go. How do you get it back from your spouse? Let go. How do you do that without separating and divorcing? You go inside and you let them stay out. You go within and you knock at the door of the Soul."

"And in that moment of just letting go," J-R continues, "sacrificing all illusions of your place in life, and even sacrificing the need to know who 'I am,' you find out that you are who you truly are: that essence of God, the divine.

"So here's the method, right?" J-R says. "I give up my power to God and then let God give that power right back to me. When God gives that power back, there is no difference between the giver and the gift. As you give yourself up to God, feel that presence of God in and through you as you. That's what I'm talking about."

God Bless You!

Length of CD: 47:31


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