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Opening Up and Allowing God To Do For Us MP4

Opening Up and Allowing God To Do For Us

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This is one of those practical seminars in which John-Roger shows us the difficulties we make for ourselves as we step through our lives. Then he offers the solutions in such simple form, we might ask ourselves, 'How come I didn't think of that?"

Here's where J-R begins, "Amazing as it may sound to you, all the life conditions for us are perfect. And it almost sounds ridiculous to say this, but when we come on this planet, we should not do one thing to change anything that's happening to us because it's all done according to the karmic flow and exactly who we are spiritually. If we could learn to love that -- in other words, be OK with what it is -- we probably wouldn't notice that everything is not absolutely perfect."

"Instead," J-R continues, "we've stepped down our energy and identified ourselves as ego. Then we look back on the presentation of life and the pain that we feel in our body, our mind and our emotions, and injustice and all those other judgments that we do, and we say, 'This is a miserable, miserable life.' So, we're creating what's going on. Telling myself or someone else, 'Change what you're doing,' is really the response here. Not change what you're doing, but change how your perceptions and your ego persuasions are doing you! Well, how do we do that?"

After presenting a roadmap of how to work with the ego, J-R offers this, "Sometimes, we have to go through these things before we say, 'Oh, God help!' He goes, 'Thanks, I will,' and you think, 'Well, I just didn't ask!' I'm sayin', it's as simple as asking. There's no real magic in it. "

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God Bless You!

Length of DVD: 49:56


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