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Submission, Sex and Soul Awareness DVD

Submission, Sex and Soul Awareness

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Here's a seminar which gives a glimpse into the workings of the Mystical Travelers inside and outside us and of what they are working to teach us to be and to express: loving. John-Roger says, "The Travelers feel the love only after it goes through to you, and you give it back. That's what keeps us on the hook working with you. You've heard me say 'I'll work with you as long as there's love there.' "

He continues, "Once you find the love that I'm talking about, you'll be so hooked on it that there's just nothing in this world that you will not do for it. The interesting thing is that nothing in this world you do can produce it -- in this world. But what you do inside of you can produce it so much so often that you end up asking yourself 'Why didn't I know about that sooner? Why didn't I do that sooner?' "

So if you're saying to yourself, 'Well, what about my needs for food, clothing, water, shelter, protection...and air!? And what about my need for sex?' J-R's response is from the highest perspective.. He says, "God'll handle that. God's going to express through that. There's only one need, and that is God's need to express Itself through all things. That's the only need. Isn't that amazing?" Then J-R reminds us of this. "There is a greater reality outside of you that can function independently from you, and also assist you. And that's called 'The Mystical Traveler,' which is the greater part of you, as you extend to it."

What can all that mean to you as you live your daily life: breathing air, finding shelter, seeking a sexual partner, thinking about extending to The Mystical Traveler? Enlightenment exists if you extend yourself into this seminar.

God Bless You!

Length of DVD: 49:31


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