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The Faith of Jesus MP4

The Faith of Jesus

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John-Roger begins this Las Vegas seminar by discussing faith. He says, " Faith is, in a sense, seeking after that that is not seen and can't be seen tangibly. And yet from deep inside of you comes the knowledge that it exists. We think we're the ones that are producing the faith but actually, faith is given to you by God. As we exercise the faith that is given to us, we're given more of that abstract intelligence called 'Spirit' or' God', and it's manifestation is what we see here physically through our bodies."

J-R points out that faith is not wishful thinking (a particularly helpful message in Las Vegas). He teaches us to practice, practice, practice the EXPERIENCE of faithing as a process in which we participate to pull good toward us. To do this, we must question what is presented to us as truth.

The seminar is chock full of stories of J-R's teenage years and of the challenges faced by those of us looking for truth in our lives as well as in traditional Biblical stories and sayings.

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God Bless You!

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