The Mystical Traveler

John-Roger has said that the Mystical Traveler is freedom, expresses freedom, and gives freedom. That is its nature. Its nature is love, joy, and upliftment. It brings health, wealth, and happiness on the physical level, calm to the emotional level, peace to the mental level, ability to the unconscious level, and the fulfillment of all the dreams to the spiritual level. In the higher spiritual realms, it is It of Itself, the supreme God-form that manifests in and through all things.  

John-Roger has also said it's important to remember that the Traveler is not something separate from you. It's a consciousness that is within each person on all the levels described above. Each person's inner spiritual journey is an awakening to the Traveler on all the levels, up into the very heart of God. For more about how this loving consciousness assists people, we highly recommend John-Roger's seminar called "When the Mystical Traveler Works with You."

To get an idea of how the Traveler works with people, you could think of climbing a mountain, say Mount Everest. If reaching the top of it were your goal, you might want to climb with the assistance, suggestions, encouragement, and guidance of someone who has already climbed it and knows the way. Similarly, the Traveler Consciousness is one who knows the way "up the mountain" to the Soul level and above and who can guide and assist you spiritually. Still, though, the climb is always yours. You are the one who does it.  For more information on how the Traveler works with people, you might listen to John-Roger's seminar called "The Divine Communion."  

In his book called  "Q&A from the Heart", John-Roger has explained that "to be an initiate of the Traveler is to devote yourself to the God within you, to devote yourself to Spirit, to returning to your home, the Soul, from which you originally came before you incarnated onto this earth. It means devoting yourself to working out the karma you've accrued while being here and to releasing yourself from that karma through grace and your good works, so that you are free to rise into the heart of God."  

For more information, read the FAQ section on the Mystical Traveler.

When you decided that what you wanted more than anything else was to know God and your own divine nature, to know yourself as Soul, perfect and complete, you created your connection to the Mystical Traveler.

And the Traveler's job with you isn't so much to teach as to share with you, give to you, and assist you to awaken to Spirit. The Traveler draws forth what is already present, the awareness of truth inside you. The Traveler presents the truth to you and supplies you with the energy that will recognize the truth. The Traveler bears witness to the Light energy inside you, not as a reflective process, but as a direct reality. And when you see the Traveler, read the Soul Awareness Discourses, listen to the Soul Awareness seminars, or chant your initiation tone, you are involved in a direct connection and a direct process with the Traveler.

- John-Roger
(From: Timeless Wisdoms, Vol. One, p. 42)

For more information, read the FAQ section on the Mystical Traveler.