Questions About the MSIA App

  • What operating system level does the MSIA app support?
    The MSIA app for iPhone requires iOS 10 or later. For the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of iOS available for your phone.
  • Is the app available for the Android platform?
    Not yet. If there is enough interest, we will look at creating an Android version of the MSIA app. Let us know if you would like an Android version below.
  • What is the price of the MSIA app?
    The app is free for the public to download. Subscriptions to digital Discourses or SAT Series are available through MSIA at the MSIA Store
  • Can I use the MSIA App on my iPad?
    Yes, the MSIA app works on your iPad, as well as your iPhone. Your MSIA app settings and data will be unique to the device. For example, your SE Timer pre-sets in your iPhone will not automatically carry over to your iPad — nor will your S.E. statistics and notes from SE sessions.
  • How do I log in to my account?
    You can log in via the Profile section of the app. Tap the Profile Icon in the upper left corner of the Home Screen.
    Once you are logged in, it should display your username and email address.
  • How do I find my username and password to login in to my account?
    Your login user and password is the same one you use to login to the MSIA Student Download Center or If you don’t have a MSIA student login, you can create one here.
  • I’m unable to access my Discourses or SATs.
    Make sure you are logged in to the app and that your subscriptions are current. You can check the status of your subscriptions in the Profile section of the app under “Subscriptions.” If this information is not correct, please contact the Products Department at
    If you are logged in and your subscriptions are active, but are still unable to access your materials, delete the app from your phone and reinstall it before logging in again.
    If after reinstalling the app you are still unable to access your materials, please contact the Products Department at
  • I am an active MSIA student, why don’t I don’t see all of my years of Discourses on the app?
    You only see the first year of Discourses in the app because your current subscription to Discourses is for the physical books, not the digital version. MSIA has gifted the Year One digital Discourses to all subscribers. The digital version is available for a small additional charge if you want it in addition to the book version. If you prefer to get your Discourses in the digital format for future years, you can make that choice when you renew. The price for digital version Discourses is currently $100/year with no sales tax or shipping cost. If you would like to buy the digital version of past years, as an existing subscriber you can purchase them for $20 per year or $200 for the remaining 11 years (Years 2 – 12) if you have completed all 12 years of Discourses. The MSIA order desk can assist you at:
  • I am an active SAT Subscriber, why aren’t my SAT seminars in the app?
    You currently have a SAT subscription in CD format only. MSIA will be happy to add the MP3 subscription at no additional charge, as we currently offer the digital version of SAT Series with the CD SAT subscription. When you renew your SAT Series subscription, consider the digital SAT Series subscription only (with no CD) as there is no shipping charge or sales tax. Please contact the MSIA order desk at:
  • How do I keep my Discourses and SAT series seminars private?
    In addition to your iPhone’s native security — six digit passcode or touch ID with auto-lock, you can enable MSIA app security in your user Profile. Open the Profile icon in the upper left of your MSIA app home screen. Select Security under Account. You have a choice of using Touch ID or creating a unique four digit PIN Code.
  • How do I update my payment information?
    After you tap “Payment Info” in the donation flow, you should see your credit card info display. Tap the field to edit your information.
  • How do I submit suggestions for improvements and additional features?
    We welcome your input and plan to continue evolving the MSIA app.