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IHOP-4 | Month 4 , Los Angeles & Live Online

April 8, 2016 - April 10, 2016
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Intuition, Health, Openness, and Possibility (IHOP) 4: Journey into the Sound Current of God

One of the great laws is “out of God comes all life.”
So what can hurt you?
Once you get this idea ingrained in you—that this life is God and is you—then you become imbued with it,
and you become what we would say is the Light and the Sound or the Messiah.

John-Roger, D.S.S.

IHOP-4 is a class where you just relax, receive, and attune to the Beloved, all in a retreat-like environment. Intuition, Health, Openness, and Possibility (IHOP) 4: Journey into the Sound Current of God, will be presented from Prana and Live Online, in English and Spanish, starting in January, 2016, once a month for twelve months.

The class is about the transformation and refinement of our consciousness through entering the dimension of sound, so that we can hold a consistent focus of unconditional loving and unceasing joy. What sound? The sound of our voice, the sound of our chanting, the sound of music, the sound of the spheres, the sound of toning, the sound of healing, the Sound of God. We will be attuning to sound on many levels with the intention of finding our own inner song and thereby creating harmony and joy in and around us, while lifting into higher consciousness and the higher dimensions of Spirit.

Rather than being about achieving, getting or changing anything, the format of the class is designed to have you relax, open, and let go and let Spirit and the Traveler work closely with you. In previous IHOPs, the majority of participants found they were making healthier choices and doing their s.e.’s more consistently as a result of taking the class. In other words, it is highly likely that you will find yourself forming new, supportive habits by just participating.

The relaxing nature of the class allows us to focus on one of the fundamental threads of the IHOP Series – to give space for the Soul to replace the personality as the center of consciousness.

This is the first time IHOP-4 is being offered. We will continue the IHOP themes of exploring new concepts and ideas that have emerged in the last decade in the field of cells, neuroscience, and movement that tie in beautifully with what J-R and John Morton have been sharing over the years.

To live free we live in the Light; we live in the Sound; we live in the NOW.
John-Roger, D.S.S.

2016 DATES:

Month 1 January 9-10, 2016
Month 2 February 13-14
Month 3 March 12-13
Month 4 April 8-10 (3 days!)
Month 5 May 14-15
Month 6 June 11-12
Month 7 July 23-24
Month 8 August 20-21
Month 9 September 9-11 (3 days!)
Month 10 October 8-9
Month 11 November 12-13
Month 12 December 3-4


The two day (Saturday and Sunday) class runs twelve weekends, once a month, starting January 9, 2016. There is an additional all day Friday class in April and September (at no extra tuition).

The regular class times (Pacific Time) are:
Saturday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

InPerson: $275 per month (includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday and beverages during breaks). The $25 additional charge to attend at Prana is not optional. The tuition also includes the first year of Discourses for people brand new to MSIA.
Live Online: $250 per month.

*MSS/DSS* Students, Assistants, Facilitators, Readers currently participating in classes will pay tuition of:
InPerson: $125 per month
Live Online: $100 per month

PREREQUISITE: Active on MSIA Discourses or SATs. If you know of someone who is interested in taking the class who is not on Discourses, you can let them know that the first year of discourses is included in the first month’s tuition for the class.

TO REGISTER, CONTACT: Tatiana Gallo | PTS Registrar | email TatianaGallo@pts.org | phone 323-328-1943

Now if you’re really wise and you play the right tune to yourself, you’ll also be able to sing to it. And one of the finest things you can do in the mornings, when you get up, is to start singing. One of the finest things. Or whistling, or chanting your mantra. Because this tunes up the body.

Do you know why birds sing in the morning? They tune their frequency. This is the way that the Light has given to them to tune themselves up. Do you know that a sick canary won’t sing until you get them well and start tuning them up. Sometimes you have to play music and let them listen to it, and they start tuning up to it until they hear what it is, then they sing their own song.

John-Roger, D.S.S.

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