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John Morton Sharing at the Joyful Transitions PTS Class LIVE STREAMED from L.A.

April 18, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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2016-04-18 19:30
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This event is only open to Discourse Subscribers


John Morton, Spiritual Director of MSIA, is graciously speaking at the April 18 Joyful Transitions PTS Class taking questions from students. The sharing portion of this class will be Live Streamed and is open to anyone who meets the prerequisite. You don’t have to take the class in order to watch the sharing portion!

Joyful Transitions is a class exploring how to leave this world, and assist others to leave this world, in a joyful state of mind.

“Many people find acceptance just before they die. They let go. Nothing bothers them. They find peace, and love shines from their eyes. It’s a blessing just to be in their presence.” John-Roger, DSS



When   Monday  April 18  |  7:30pm PDT

Times   L.A.=7:30pm PDT | NY=10:30pm EDT | London=April 19, 3:30am GMT   Time Converter

Cost   $10 USD

Open To   Provided you meet the prerequisite, anyone may watch the sharing even if you are not a class participant.

Translation   With Spanish translation

Prerequisite   Active MSIA Soul Awareness Discourse Subscriber (or SAT if #144 completed). To Subscribe: Order@msia.org | 323-737-4055 | Order Online

Tickets   Click Here To Purchase Your Ticket

Questions   Email  kim@msia.org



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