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John-Roger Marathon, Los Angeles

September 26, 2015
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Los Angeles
2015-09-26 10:00
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This event is Open to All

John-Roger Marathon Los Angeles

John-Roger Marathon  in Los Angeles

We will be playing J-R seminars for 9 hours straight in the home of the Traveler – Prana or Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens.

Enjoy seminars throughout the day … walk the beautiful stone hand-carved Labyrinth … take an iced tea down to the stunning meditation gardens for some meditation or spiritual exercises.

Date & Time: Saturday September 26, 10am – 6pm, PDT
Facilitated by: Zoe Lumiere & Eric Lumiere, Matt VanFossan & Rita VanFossan, Olivia & Morgan Pepper
Prerequisites: Open to everyone
Venue: Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens | 3500 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles CA 90018
Cost: Free of charge — donations accepted
Registration: Via facebook – Click For Facebook Event | However NOT required – Just show up whenever you like
Registration Contact: Zoe Lumiere | +1-323-328-1927 | zoe@msia.org

Testimonials from around the world about the ‘John-Roger Marathon Experience’

From Nathalie Franks…
At the beginning of the marathon when Jsu announced that JR was present and showed his face on the video camera I was overwhelmed.. When we started chanting the Ani Hu, I felt so blessed to have JR with us as the marathon began. The Light came in so powerfully, knowing that the two Travelers were physically present was such a treat. Thank you to all that made this available over the internet.
God bless us all.

From Kay Tucker, Missouri
Thank you. This is wonderful! 

From Jennifer Halet, Lake Arrowhead
Good Job! Greetings from Lake Arrowhead @ the Merrimack house.

From Jen Jacobs, Australia,
Dear everyone who created our marathon.
In Australia, it’s sacred Sunday & this was a sweet profound way to do nothing but do SEs & love J-R & give thanks until the finish line!
 You are awesome… gratitude & gratitude.. it’s amazing to be able to join in! 

From Donna Walton, San Diego
Loving to all of you that made this possible and devoted yourselves to bringing this to us online. It was an awesome experience to be so connected to the traveler. 
God bless you all.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Read about previous John-Roger Marathons

Los Angeles January 14, 2012 | Santa Monica March 23, 2013Video Moments with John-Roger PLUS More

We will also have a Live Video Chat with Jsu Garcia and Nicole Tenaglia – who are hosting a John-Roger Marathon in Israel.

J-R Marathon Israel


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