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John-Roger Seminar Marathon & Mystical Traveler movie screenings, Santa Monica

March 30, 2016
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
2016-03-30 10:00
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This event is Open to All


We will be playing J-R seminars and the documentary of Mystical Traveler – The Life and Times of Dr. John-Roger for 12 hours Non Stop!!!

Bring pillows and blankets and make this a nurturing day retreat for yourself.

Stop by whenever you can, or stay all day for a real J-R Marathon experience!

Date & Time: Wednesday March 30, 10am – 10pm
Facilitated by: Jsu Garcia, Co-Director with John-Roger, of Mystical Traveler – The Life and Times of Dr John-Roger
Prerequisites: Open to everyone
Venue: USM Building, 2101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90403
Cost: Free of charge — donations accepted
Registration: NOT required – Just show up whenever you like
Registration Contact: Jsu Garcia | jsu@msia.org

Reviews for the John-Roger Marathon Experience

The marathon experience was just incredible! It was like bathing in sweetness and loving without distraction, for an entire day!
Just the idea that people from all over the world could tune in via the Internet really touched my heart with possibility, as I imagined the peace action. And the awareness that – for a full day – I could actively participate in a consciousness of one was so very comforting, powerful, inspiring, and uplifting. This was such a great gift and blessing in its entirety.
Oceans of love to you, Jsu, for your beautiful ministry. And God bless you our Beloved J-R.
– Malaika Lue-Hing, Hollywood, CA

Not having experienced John-Roger physically here until six years ago, for me the grace of the marathon, the seminars is the realizations, the confirmations that he was with me from birth and before and will be after. As you can imagine they affect me in ways that I cannot adequately describe and thank Jsu for serving in this way and to Abba for sharing the teachings the way he has, they are immeasurable.
– Laura Mola, Los Angeles, CA

Going to the JR Marathon on Sunday was an incredible lift. I watched about the last 6 hours. Watching those videos, I continue to be amazed by the information and brilliance or our dear JR, that every statement has meaning for me. The clips of the old highlights were wonderful and the energy that comes through was like a total wash from Spirit, feeling clean and joyful as I woke the next day! I am grateful for the opportunity and also, for the ability to be able to tune in at home. I started at home and then headed out to be with the “family” to watch and catch the group vibe!
– Denise Lumiere, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for your part in putting on the online events and making them available. I’ve watched quite a few of John’s seminars and this last weekend we were blessed with not only John’s seminar on Friday but the 12 hour marathon. I had heard about these marathons but this is the first one that I participated in. What a blessing from God. So thank you for your part because what you do makes a difference in my life. Kay and I live in the Sacramento area so we can’t always be there in person.
– Lee Clausen, Sacramento, CA

Holy tomoly! The J-R Marathon on Saturday was absolutely AWESOMMMMMMMMME!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for putting it all together!
I have had it on all day at home and came to the building a couple of times between my other commitments and the energy of both was incredible!!! I could feel the connection between my home and the Brentwood Ballroom!!
I hope you do this at least once a month – what a gift to all of us – probably, especially those folks around the world who could tune in.
Blessings to all you do for all of us,
– Berti Klein, Los Angeles, CA

Breakfast and rain by the sea here in Cannes. Great to go to sleep by J-R and wake up to J-R again. Thanks for keeping going!
Blessings to you,
– Anne Naylor, Cannes, France

This Marathon Saved my life. The information is just way too cool . Good job Jsu and JR let’s continue to do this for those of us who are dedicated to the teachings and are on the “Fast Track To Soul Transcendence”
– Eric Delgadillo, Los Angeles, CA

Amazing managed to stay awake till 3am god bless you and JR for making these marathons available worldwide.
– Nathalie Franks

I have often wondered what the early days of J-R seminars were like not
having found the ‘outer’ MSIA until 1986 so that footage is really precious to me.
This was so precious…loved every moment. Thank you Jsu Garcia and ALL involved in bringing this to us. 🙂 Sending light love and blessings from Santa Fe NM.
– Rebecca Skeele, Santa Fe, NM

I am online experiencing the immersion, great way to keep the light expanding and growing !
Thank you and hope to participate on the future also.
– Adriana Kalambas, San Francisco CA

The J-R marathon has been wonderful, I love this initiative. Jsu Garcia Thank you for create it. I am feel blessed to be part of this marathon. So much love in J-R seminars. I feel the love. Keep up this wonderful experience. Love you guys! God bless you
– Gaby Grigorescu, Caracas Venezuela

Its the first time I’m listening to JR’s seminar and so far it made sense to things I had no words for.
– Krystal Lea Holland, Lyndhurst, NJ

One of my favorite events! It’s a retreat with J-R seminars and in-between entertainment from Jsu including sneak previews of the new movie, and to top it off, visiting with friends. What could get better than that??
– Jeeni Lawrence, Los Angeles, CA

Back from my ‘potty break’ :0)) I’m online at the marathon. Incredible footage … Thanks for setting this up Jsu & NOW productions; for getting this Light immersion event into my home across the pond!
– Lily Waterstone, England

Hey thanks for the Marathon! Fabulous – FUN – refreshing! InJOYing online!
Thnx n Light!
– MJ Lemler

Thank you thank you thank you! What a wonderful blessing. I am so grateful for all that you and NOW have done to put these together and bring them to us.
What bliss today, I am flying high – in and out of my body, letting go, etc. and the loving keeps growing.
Words don’t say it, so suffice it to say, my gratitude is huge from my heart to all of yours and to our blessed JR for all the blessings he has brought forth selflessly and in loving.
Loving and Light to you,
– Sindy Wilkinson, Lafayette, CA

Yes you are good looking Jsu. Don’t worry, there is life after 50.
Does it help if I say you look no more than half your age? That’s the truth from where I’m looking.
Love the marathon, thank you thank you, so grateful for your devotion to J-R and thank you to Julie.
God bless you both.
– Lili Smith, Sydney, Australia

What a glorious way to spend a spring Saturday here in Vancouver, BC watching JR in all his beautiful glory. Truly, I just melt when I hear his voice and watch him speak. God bless him and God bless MSIA and you for giving this. I’m in for the long term!
Many blessings and light!
– David Morton, Vancouver BC, Canada

Movie Reviews for Mystical Traveler – The Life & Times of Dr. John-Roger

“The Life and Times of John-Roger is an engaging and compelling combination of a Living Master’s spiritual teachings and highlights of his worldwide ministry told by those who worked closely with him for the past 35, 40 and 50 years. Jsu Garcia is to be commended for creating a beautifully crafted, inspiring, and uplifting movie.
Love and Blessings of Light.”
– Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, University of Santa Monica

“The Mystical Traveler Movie was an amazing Journey of the life and times of John-Roger. The experience was transcendental and was as if I was living each moment of John-Roger’s life. I walked away with his journey inside of me and contemplated how beautiful his journey is and what would my journey look like if I were to record it. The movie spoke to my heart in each and every moment.”
– Julie Lurie, Los Angeles

“To be a part of this journey, to traverse this life with a Traveler is the biggest blessing in my life. And to be a part of John-Roger’s work, to have the pleasure and the gift of knowing and working with him – is beyond words. I’m so grateful. Thank you for allowing me to serve. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this movie, this ministry.”
– Zoe Golightly, Line Producer

“The movie is such a huge work of love–bold, honest, respectful, showing so many facets of J-R–his work, his loving, his humor, his versatility, his humanness. For those of us lucky enough to have been with him through his most active years, what a high to relive them. For those who knew him later, there’s no better way to learn the story behind J-R and what one man created out of his singularity of vision, intention, and loving commitment to God. It’s not just a documentary; it is a journey into the spiritual teachings that came through the most extraordinary, yet very ordinary, simple, loving man. It will touch your heart and move you to tears, laughter, and smiles, and inspire you to explore the big expanse inside yourself. I am so grateful Jsu made this movie. Thank you is not enough.”
– Jeeni Lawrence, Interviewee

“The experience I lived last night with the movie touched me so profoundly that I do not feel the same about my Soul Transcendence anymore. I am much more committed and I understand better what I am doing here. It is as if I had an initiation (or many!) watching the movie. J-R is so adorable! I fell in love with him, with the teachings and with myself. I woke up this morning joyful and Lighter. I would love to see the movie again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear J-R.”
– Nora Valenzuela, Santiago, Chile

“It was fascinating watching the way MSIA started and the progression. I was aware all during the movie of feeling blessed to have been a part of it from the early days. I was in awe watching J-R’s consistent dedication to Spirit.”
– Kay Clausen, Northern California

“It was an honor to be interviewed and included in the movie. Looking back on the early days of MSIA and my relationship with J-R back then, I sense that I was a witness to the unfolding of MSIA, and J-R’s ministry. At times, he would tell me some of the things that were going to happen in the near future of MSIA back then, and I got to witness them come to fruition. Being a part of it all, I was witness to a lot of things as they were brought forward as many others were as well. Seeing the movie, it was a joy to see the old films of J-R’s family and him growing up. The movie was so fascinating to me and so interesting that I was shocked when it was over even though it was over 3 1/2 hrs long. It didn’t seem that long to me. J-R, I love you more than anything.”
– Lee Clausen, Interviewee

“This documentary eloquently reflects the stunning enormity of John-Roger’s priceless body of work. His brilliant consciousness, touching humility and sensitivity, priceless humor, boundless generosity, stunning constancy of service, along with his utterly remarkable capacity to touch and transform lives is entirely evident in this masterful weaving of actual photos, film footage and testimonials. The clarity that we are in reality witnessing the life of a True Spiritual Giant cannot be missed when experiencing this … tour de force.
Jsu Garcia has undeniably proven himself to be a film maker who commands extraordinary skill, sensitivity, uncompromising authenticity, high awareness and cinematic virtuosity. Jsu has eclipsed merely showing himself to be a beloved and devoted friend to J-R – he reveals himself to be a master in his own right.
This documentary is a priceless gem of inspiration and a stunningly eloquent insight into The Traveler’s teachings, expanded all the more with The Preceptor Consciousness as lived by this extraordinary man, John-Roger.”
– Rama Fox, Los Angeles

“The Mystical Traveler” is a tour de force documentation of one man’s journey into the ever-greater expression and sharing of a loving heart, and a gentle soul, as well as a window into the miracle and contagion that occurs when love and kindness are shared. Margaret Mead stated “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. The Mystical Traveler movie demonstrates this time and again over the course of more than four decades, how one man’s commitment to love turned into a movement that has touched millions across the globe many times over. If you have contemplated or meditated on the statement, “that you do love one another,” have a look at The Mystical Traveler, and witness for yourself the profound good that comes forward from one man’s intention of refusing to live in a world without love, and all that has been born from that choice.”
– Ezra Mack, Connecticut

“I believe the movie offered viewers the chance to understand the depth and profound sacrifice that has gone into the ministries of our Travelers and especially J-R. I am left with a profound sense of gratitude for the gifts our beloved J-R has brought forward in the Teachings, in his service to so many, and in his demonstrating the possibilities of the loving heart and willingness to follow the Spirit, wherever it may lead. My gratitude also goes out to Jsu for helping to give us the gift of having a record of the life of J-R. It is a gift I will be able to pass onto to my future children so they too will be able to have a relationship with such an important figure in my life.”
– Jeffrey Morgan, Interviewee

“The movie – The Mystical Traveler, the Life and Times of John-Roger – captures and brings together thousands upon thousands of “bits” from old/home movies, J-R’s seminars (and talks and interviews), still photos, interviews with John-Roger’s students, family, and friends from the last half century… and J-R’s words of wisdom, as he has shared them with individuals and groups around the world. The movie is inspiring, funny, touching, instructive, entertaining, and perhaps much more than all of that. Just like the man himself. ”
– Pauli Sanderson, Interviewee

“I am extremely proud to have my name associated with this movie. It was truly a work of love.”
– Laurie Lerner, Producer

“The Mystical Traveler movie is a joy to watch, showing so many aspects of the labor of love John Roger has given in to this world for us and many others who will follow on this path of living love. I loved seeing snippets of the evolution of the work of JR and the incredible gift of service into life he continually demonstrates for all who choose back. His life is a service of living love and an enormous gift to be unwrapped for eons to come. God Bless JR and all in this line of divine service. If you’ve ever had questions about JR and the spiritual heritage he represents, do yourself a favour and watch this factual and very interesting, heartwarming history of the unveiling of The Mystical Traveler”
– Louise Davidson, Sydney, Australia

“I feel like I know JR more personally now that I have seen the movie.
The Mystical Traveler Movie gave me new insight into JR the man and well as JR the Mystical Traveler.
I loved watching how he brought the teachings through and put them into action. It was also a treat to see how MSIA got started and how so many talent folks made a contribution.
I was completely uplifted by this movie! I did not want it to end.”
– Phyllis Mitz, Los Angeles

“I’ve loved every minute of this movie. Working with Jsu Garcia, I really appreciated his intelligence, inspiring leadership, and his great kindness that was life changing for me. J-R already was “my man for eternity”. Researching the J-R narration, the movie stills and historical documents, was a love-feast beyond what I could ever imagine. My soul sings Thank You.”
– Barbara Wieland, Archival Researcher

“It was a very powerful and humbling experience to watch the Mystical Traveler film. Even though my father, Kris Sharp, had shared with me many times his personal experiences with JR and the beginnings of MSIA, I was blown away by the depth and expansiveness of JR’s work as a mystical traveler. He has accomplished so much in 50 years and we are all blessed by his life. I know I am. Being someone who grew up in the movement, I was moved to realize how MSIA came to be what it is today, and to know that my generation stands on the foundation of the hard work and loving dedication of many light bearers. I am so grateful and blessed to be apart of this spiritual family and fellowship.”
– LeAnna Sharp, Oakland

“My Soul sings with joy in my heart as I take in all the treasures shared through this precious documentary, The Mystical Traveler, The Life and Times of Dr. John-Roger! Thank you, Jsu and all involved in making this film, for this glorious tribute to John-Roger who has spent a long life lifting and serving everyone with great loving. May it touch the hearts of all who see it.”
 Dawn Jenkins, Los Angeles

“Being part of the Mystical Traveler movie experience was such a tremendous blessing for me – at times joyful, other times tearful, and all the time grateful and loving.
There were moments when I found myself wishing I could have traveled with J-R or spent time with him or been born into MSIA or that I had met him sooner. But then I remembered what J-R has taught me about both forgiveness and compassion (for myself).
So I did that. And then I paused and thought “How is it that I have such a deep love for someone with whom I’ve rarely had contact on the physical level? And how is it that I know of his unconditional love for me?”
That’s John-Roger. That’s the magic, the mystery, the grace – the loving – that is the Mystical Traveler. And God bless all those amazing souls who helped him, and loved him, and cared for him, and supported him (and still do) that I may partake of the richness of his teachings today and share them through my ministry of loving service, however great or small.
Still, the little girl in me wishes I could take J-R home and play and talk and hold hands forever and ever and ever. He’s just so adorable! (and frankly, the only male father figure aside from John-Morton that I’ve had in my life).Now that the documentary is here, I can sort of do that. It exemplifies, so goregeously, the sacredness of loving relationship. And I am so grateful to be part of all of this, in whatever ways I have and can and continue to be. I am humbled, immensely.”
– Malaika Lue-Hing, Production Assistant

“What an amazing tribute to J-R the man, the Traveler and his teachings! I so enjoyed watching the movie with both my physical and spiritual families.
I think anyone studying within any of the organizations J-R has founded, or who has read any of his books or attended any of his seminars, would love the Mystical Traveler Movie — to both learn more about J-R’s life as well as his message.
Please let me know when and if this movie is available for purchase as I’d love to buy a copy.”
– Candace Semigran, Documentary Interviewee

“Starting in 1972, I was blessed to have spent many years in a close working relationship with John-Roger, first as his lawyer, and then as his doctor. Those early days burgeoned from the need to be with J-R on a daily basis to knowing his presence in every thought, feeling, and experience no matter where I was. The Mystical Traveler movie brought me back to the place where my mystical life began. The longing to be in the arms of God. The purity of my soul standing forward, and being loved by J-R.
If you are longing to know who J-R is and was, this movie will take you there.”
– Marc Darrow, Los Angeles

“The Mystical Traveler documentary was a moving experience of the arc of John-Roger’s life so far. I was amazed at some of the revelations of his early years and the sharing of some very sacred moments in MSIA, as well as being tickled with nostalgia of the past few decades of Movement. I loved the depth of explanations and visuals of J-R teaching us the way of Soul Transcendence. The movie is a treasure for all of us to savor for years to come.”
– Mark Lurie

“We left the movie theater floating. It’s a movie that changes consciousness and awakens love. We are grateful to John-Roger and all those that made the documentary possible and we will see it again at the first opportunity. ”
– Paul Kaye & Shelley Noble

“The Life and Times of John-Roger is a riveting & powerful look at one of the worlds most renowned spiritual teachers. Not one stone is left unturned in this fascinating documentary.”
– Jaime King

“I love all the Life and Times of J-R so beautifully presented in this chronicle for the ages. I am especially appreciative of the vastness and myriad of ways so many witnesses told the story.Thank you, thank you, Jsu and crew for a labor of love worthy of the builders of the great pyramid. We have our diamond testimony in this setting for all to celebrate John-Roger for 50 years as our Mystical Traveler. Great Blessings Are.”
– John Morton, Mystical Traveler

“This movie is my love letter for John-Roger. And it was a pleasure. I am here to serve.”
– Jsu Garcia, CoDirector (with John-Roger) of Mystical Traveler
“Even after knowing John-Roger for many years, I was riveted by his story and inspired by the depth of his work and commitment to share his message of love. The Mystical Traveler movie brilliantly captures John-Roger’s life and the worldwide movement he has inspired. I was deeply moved by the film.
– Nat Sharratt, Interviewee

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