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Master Of Spiritual Science Year 1 | Month 2, Philadelphia

November 20, 2015 - November 22, 2015
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master of spiritual science

The Peace Theological Seminary’s Master’s degree program provides students with an ongoing, in-depth program to study, experience, and integrate the teachings of Soul Transcendence. The course work is designed to encourage students to apply the teachings as a conscious daily commitment. As they observe their progress, they can gain greater clarity of the presence of Spirit in their everyday lives. Their awareness of themselves as a Soul is increased, thus allowing them to live the essence of practical spirituality, which helps make the path of Soul Transcendence an active, alive, and joyful process.

This is a two-year program, with students meeting one weekend a month for nine months for intensive course work. Homework between the weekend classes allows students ample opportunity to practice and integrate the tools and keys they learn in class.


You see, life is lived internally. You just participate externally. That approach is the quality we want to go for, because it will alter the outside even if you don’t do anything with it, because you’ll always be seeing the ‘wow’ of what’s going on.”

John-Roger DSS


Click Here To Learn More About The MSS Curriculum & Course Work

Class Dates – 2015: Month 1: Oct 23-25 (2015) | Month 2: Nov 20-22| Month 3: Dec 4-6
Class Dates – 2016: Month 4: Jan 29-31 (2016) | Month 5: Feb 26-28 | Month 6: Mar 18-20 | Month 7: Apr 22-24| Month 8: May 20-22 | Month 9: Jun 17-19
Approximate Timing For Each Class: Friday 7pm – 10pm | Saturday 9am – 7pm | Sunday 9am – 6pm
Venue: Philadelphia (Phoenixville), PA
Enrollment & Tuition: Contact Elissa Giges | (323) 328-1540 | elissa@pts.org
Prerequisites: Active subscription to Soul Awareness Discourses for 12 months prior to the start of class; Active subscription to Soul Awareness Teachings (SATs); and High School Graduate or the equivalent.

Masters spiritual science

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