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Zoom Soul Awareness Seminar: The Power of Inner Focus and Gratitude Copy

May 24, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
2018-05-24 12:00
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A classic Soul Awareness Seminar in a new setting

Experience connection with your MSIA family from wherever you are during this Zoom Soul Awareness Seminar. We’ll call in the light, take contributions, and watch a John-Roger Seminar. It’s easy to participate, simply click the registration link below!

“Keep your energy field aligned with God as you understand and know God, and I’m sure God will find it satisfactory, according to your intention. Not according to the vision of your intention, but according to the intention of the way the Soul moves. That will be the indicator of the intention.” – John-Roger, DSS

To Attend

Tuition:  Complimentary.
Registration: Registration required. Please click here.
Need further assistance? Contact David Whitaker | davidfiskwhitaker@gmail.com


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