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This event is part of a series of events for DSS Year 3

Doctorate in Spiritual Science Program (DSS) Year 3 via Live Stream | Month 7

April 8, 2022 - April 10, 2022
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This event is open to Discourse Subscribers, Ministers, Initiates

PTS Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) Year Three – The Multidimensional Human Part III – Month 7

Students devote the third year to refining, demonstrating, applying, and living their Individual Study. In addition, the student explores applying their Ministry with their fellow ministers in the Applied Ministerial Services and with their community through the development and application of their Repeatability Study, which is based on their Individual Study. A repeatability study is designed to test the repeatability of selected key elements of the student’s individual study with a group of study participants (40% of which are not in MSIA) for a specified period of time.

Graduation Requirement: Successful completion of years one, two and three, and all the program requirements, including the completion and approval of the Practical Treatise, qualify the student to receive a PTS Doctor of Spiritual Science Degree.  Each Practical Treatise is unique and original to the student. The paper documents the student’s individual and repeatability study processes, observations, discoveries, and conclusions.

“What it comes down to, always and forever, is the commitment to yourself.  And that starts when, ten billion times a day, ten billion percent, you commit to the upliftment and the unfoldment that is your spiritual nature.”  –John-Roger, DSS

With Spanish translation.

DSS Curriculum

Tuition & Registration

Registration required: We encourage you to pre-register two months prior to the Program begins so we may prepare a place for you. To receive the early application fees and early bird tuition, your payment must be received (not postmarked) in the PTS office on or before August 15th.

First Time Student Early Bird Tuition: $250.00
First Time Student Regular Tuition: $325.00

Audit Regular Tuition: $175.00

Assistant/ Student Regular Tuition: $150.00

Assistants who previously completed the class that they are assisting do not have to pay tuitions.

Pre-requisites: Current subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses or SATs (if Discourse #144 completed), Current subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Teachings (SATs), Active MSIA Initiate, MSIA Minister in good standing, Successful completion and Graduate of the PTS Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) Program, Commitment to Tithing 10% to MSIA Los Angeles throughout the DSS Program, up to and including Graduation.
Contact: Gaby Grigorescu for more information l 323-328-1948 l Gabyg@pts.org

Renew your Discourse or SAT subscription or email order@msia.org | Renew your ministerial credential

Class Dates & Timing

Dates: Refer to the yellow exclamation mark at the top of this page for all class dates.
Timing: Friday 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm | Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm*

*Approximate ending time.

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