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Doing Spiritual Exercises via Zoom

November 18, 2020
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
2020-11-18 19:30
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Spiritual Exercises

Enhance your practice of Spiritual Exercises in this 90-minute class, especially for Discourse subscribers in their first three years of study.
Are you interested in exploring the greater realities inside and outside of you? One of the primary techniques MSIA students use to awaken to Soul consciousness is an active meditation called “Spiritual Exercises” (or SEs).

In this engaging event, you will learn how to do SEs using a spiritual tone or vibration to connect to the energy of God.  The best part; you will have your own direct experience with SEs during this time.

“Very often, the value of doing spiritual exercises is not found at the time you are doing them. It works much like when you run for exercise: you get the benefits after the running is over. In the same way, sometimes you get the benefits of spiritual exercises long after they are over.” John-Roger, DSS, Walking with the Lord

Participate via Zoom

Tuition: Complimentary

Prerequisites: None

Contact: David Whitakerdavidwhitaker@pts.org

Registration: Required. Please register below.

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