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Fun-Raiser for Windermere

October 23, 2021
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PDT
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2021-10-23 17:00
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Fun-Raiser for Windermere

Our beloved John Morton is having a Birthday! ? Believe it or not, he will be turning 70 on October 27th. ?

To celebrate his birthday, his immediate wish was to make it a fund-raiser (FUN raiser) for Windermere Ranch, our Place of Peace. He requested that any donations to Windermere were truly a gift to him. He blesses Windermere abundantly and often, and now wants to bring more direct abundance into Windermere’s transformations, so all of us enjoy it even more.

Leigh has decided to create a Celebration, a party, and fun-raiser in their garden with guests who are contributing to Windermere and open it online without cost, sharing the event with our global MSIA family. Even if miles away, and in different time zones, we know in our heart that we can attune in Oneness so beautifully. We want you with us, to laugh, and to sing, raise monies for Windermere’s Wishlist (click here to view Windermere’s Wishlist), and deeply share loving and gratitude that John is with us and blesses us. Now, we Bless him.

Please join us in creating a Vortex of loving for John and for Windermere.

You are Loved.

Participate via Live Stream

Tuition: Complimentary. Donations of any amount for the benefit of Windermere are very welcome.

Date and Time: Saturday, October 23, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm PT. Please join us as early at 4:15 pm PT online to view the pre-show, Windermere Videos and more until the program starts at 5:00 pm PT.

Prerequisites: This event is open to all who want to attend online.

To participate, simply go to msia.org/livestream a few minutes before the starting time of the event.

This event will be offered in English and Spanish. If you’d like for this event to be translated into your language, please contact us at msialive1@gmail.com.

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