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Master of Spiritual Science Program (MSS) Year 2 via Zoom | Month 9

June 11, 2021 - June 13, 2021
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PTS Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) Year Two – Fulfilling the Spiritual Promise – Month 9

The Peace Theological Seminary’s Master’s degree program provides students with an ongoing, in-depth course to study, experience, and integrate the teachings of Soul Transcendence. The course work is designed to encourage students to naturally apply the teachings as a conscious daily commitment. As they observe their progress, they can gain greater clarity on the presence of Spirit in their everyday lives. Their awareness of themself as a Soul is increased, thus allowing them to live the essence of practical spirituality. This helps make the path of Soul Transcendence an active, alive and joyful process.

Students focus on recognizing and aligning more with the Christ and awakening more to the reality of the Spiritual Promise that each of us is “born the Lord”. Exercises are designed to give students greater freedom in letting go of the past and rediscovering the innocence of living in the present. As the course develops, students move more fully into the Beloved, “Where the Soul replaces the personality as the center of consciousness and energy”. The spiritual promise is then experienced as an ongoing, living reality that one chooses into each day.

“You see, life is lived internally. You just participate externally. That approach is the quality we want to go for, because it will alter the outside event if you don’t do anything with it, because you’ll always be seeing the wow of what’s going on”. John~Roger, DSS.

With Spanish translation.

Tuition & Registration

Registration required: We encourage you to pre-register two months prior to the Program begins so we may prepare a place for you. To receive the early application fees and early bird tuition, your payment must be received (not postmarked) in the PTS office on or before August 21st.

First Time Student Early Bird Tuition: $250
First Time Student Regular Tuition: $300

Audit Early Bird Tuition: $175
Audit Regular Tuition:

Assistant/ Student Early Bird Tuition: $150
Assistant/ Student Regular Tuition:

Assistants who previously completed the class that they are assisting do not have to pay tuitions.

Pre-requisites: Active subscription to Soul Awareness Discourses or Soul Awareness Teachings (SATs) if you’ve completed Discourse #144 | Official acceptance by the PTS administration.
Contact: Gaby Grigorescu, GabyG@pts.org  l 323-328-1948

Renew your Discourse or SAT subscription or email order@msia.org

Class Dates & Timing

Dates: Refer to the yellow exclamation mark at the top of this page for all class dates.
Timing: Friday 7pm – 10pm | Saturday & Sunday 9am – 7pm*

*Approximate ending time.

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