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Meeting with the Uruguay Ministers for the One Accord, Montevideo, Uruguay

November 11, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Los Angeles
2019-11-11 19:00
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This event is only open to Ministers

A Meeting of the Ministers in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

An opportunity for active MSIA Ministers to  meet with John Morton and hold in the One Accord as they explore serving in clearer and greater ways in their community.

“In serving, I often find I do not have wants. I simply need to know where and with whom I am called. My ministry is to serve one and all in the name of the Lord of us all.”
John Morton, DSS

Prerequisites: To attend you have to be an active ordained minister in MSIA in good standing which is to be an Active Ordained Minister in MSIA and to have an Active Subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses or SAT if Disc. 144 complete. To Renew | Update your Subscription call  (323) 737-4055 | email order@msia.org. To renew your ministerial credential, click here.

John Morton, DSS Spiritual Director of MSIA is scheduled to participate.

With Spanish translation.

Attend In Person

Cost:  Complimentary.
Contact: Tanya | Porta-tania.porta@gmail.com | 095 502 492

This Event is In-Person Only




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