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Mystic Self: The Way of Ordinariness and Exaltation

April 4, 2022
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PDT
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2022-04-04 17:00
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The mystic moves in both worlds, living in Spirit while they walk through this world. They love freely and joyfully while staying connected to the All. The Mystic Self is each one of us in essence. This eight-week class will explore the way of the mystic.

We will explore expanding our perceptions so that our view gets so vast that our identity disappears. At this point we may realize that there is no other, and we enter a state of loving that is unconditioned and free of all boundaries. In a love where there is no other, there is nowhere to hide, no one to control, and nothing to gain. It is the beautiful dance of our Self, the Beloved.

This can be threatening to the ego/personality that depends on separation for its existence. But when we walk the path of the mystic, we give attention to what is sacred within us while everything else comes and goes. We find the courage to let go of the known and dive deeply into the profound mystery that calls us back only to Itself.

This is our communion with the Beloved. It’s where we recapture our connection with that which hovers in the background of our awareness. In this communion we become still. We stop struggling. We enter the holy shrine of our heart, where there is peace and joy. It is in this place that we find we have always been perfect and will always be perfect. There’s absolutely nothing we have to delete or add. We find repose in our own being.

The mystic dives into a silence that becomes a living, palpable Presence filled with immeasurable vitality and boundlessness. We look with the eyes of the Heart. St Teresa describes the inner journey toward God as a movement through a sequence of concentric chambers of a castle, and when we come to the most interior room, we see the Soul as a brilliant diamond, and we can hardly bear this beauty. This is the shimmering truth that comes with seeing ourselves through eyes of the Heart.

As well as St Teresa we will explore other mystics who have gone before us laying out the mystic path so clearly for us. In this class we will joyfully follow in their footsteps.

All classes are recorded and can be accessed live, or viewed later at your own pace for at least a year after you register.

Facilitated by Paul Kaye

Mondays 5 – 7 pm PT, starting February 28:

Course Curriculum: 

  • Chapter One: Stillness
  • Chapter Two: Silence
  • Chapter Three: Heart
  • Chapter Four: Communion
  • Chapter Five: Presence
  • Chapter Six: Beloved
  • Chapter Seven: Self
  • Chapter Eight: Oneness
Register Now: https://www.soultranscendence.online/courses/mystic-self-the-way-of-ordinariness-and-exaltation


This is a path of great noise
and great silence.
A path of great serenity
and great trouble.
A path of total fulfillment
and complete emptiness.
How can it be these things?
That is where God resides—
in all of this.

John-Roger, DSS

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