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Seminar with the Theme of Peace is Present, Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 8, 2019
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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2019-11-08 19:30
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Open Seminar with John Morton

In this workshop, students will look at what peace is and what disturbs the innate sense of peace. Students will learn about practical principles for bringing more peace into their everyday lives. They will have an awareness and experience how this quality is a state of being that can be chosen regardless of external circumstances.

“The cessation of againstness. It’s an experience whereby, I’m not against you; I’m not against anything.”-John-Roger, DSS

John Morton, DSS Spiritual Director of MSIA is scheduled to participate.

With Spanish Translation.

Attend In-Person

Tuition: $15.00 USD
Registration: Please Register below |  Contact Roberto Mazzer | 54 11 15 49406776 | msiadeargentina@gmail.com
Need further assistance? Contact Patricia Cuellar | patriciac@pts.org

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Tuition: Complimentary
A recording is scheduled to be available five days after the event. This event is not Live Streamed.

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