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This event is part of a series of events for Peace Awareness Trainings (PATs)

Peace Awareness Training Online

August 27, 2021 - August 29, 2021
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This event is only open to Discourse Subscribers

The PATs were created under the direct supervision of John-Roger to provide a retreat where people can step clear of whatever blocks their conscious awareness of Spirit. The PAT Online is designed to allow you the opportunity to experience yourself as a Soul and become more conscious, present and connected to the Spirit that’s available in your everyday life.

You don’t have to go anywhere to connect to this Spirit; we are connected regardless of where we are. We can all participate together in this unique process of experiencing and exploring the teachings of Soul Transcendence and let go of our blocks to knowing who we truly are.

This is a full immersion training. Please prepare yourself for three full days in a retreat-like setting.

Participate Online

Tuition: $175.00

Prerequisites: Current active subscription to Discourses or current subscription to SATs if you have completed Discourse #144. To renew Discourses or SAT Subscription call +1 (323) 737-4055 or email order@msia.org.

Registration: Required.

Contact: Registration Team at registrar@msia.org

– The PAT starts at 8:00 am on Friday and ends at 8:00 pm on Sunday (ending times are approximate) 

– The training must be done live in real time, regardless of your time zone (no recording you can watch later)

– Processes are not optional and must be done as in an in-person PAT, sitting up straight, maintaining eye contact with your partner, keeping an open body position with feet on the floor, etc.

– Participants cannot take part of the training and skip other parts; it’s an all or nothing adventure.

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    Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy – PTS

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