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Soul Awareness Seminar via Zoom | How MSIA Started and the Elohim

November 24, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM PST
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2021-11-24 12:00
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A Classic Soul Awareness Seminar in a New Setting

Are you curious about how MSIA got started?  Then this is the seminar for you. In it, J-R shares the story about how the movement went from what was meant to be a one-off seminar in Santa Barbara,  California, to a recurring event to which more and more people started to attend from greater and greater distances.  And through all the years, he trying to bring the same simple message: “Ye are gods.” At the end of this seminar, you’ll likely understand how it is that the movement stuck around when he says,  “Go inside, do your spiritual exercises, touch your soul, be in touch with the Elohim, and then that Elohim is in contact with all of them. And then it goes up, to the very one supreme creator of all. And that’s where we’ll all end up someday anyway…. This Movement started out, because people said ‘I want to go there, someday,’ and I said ‘you don’t have to die to get there.’ ” God Bless You!

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Format: 90-Minutes.

Tuition:  Complimentary, donations welcome.

Registration: Registration required.

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