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Soul Awareness Seminar via Zoom | Relax and Enjoy Here and Now

July 28, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM PDT
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2021-07-28 12:00
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A Classic Soul Awareness Seminar in a New Setting

John-Roger states, “Two key words to keep in mind while working on the planet: the first one is patience. The second one is relax.”
OK, think about it. Do you have much choice? Do you?

In this lovely, relaxing seminar. J-R tells stories, teaches and demonstrates the pleasure that can be part of being alive now. And he urges us to practice the freedom of relaxation. It’s the way to lift to Spirit!

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Format: 90-Minutes.

Tuition:  Complimentary, donations welcome.

Registration: Registration required.

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