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The Power of Love Workshop

June 24, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT
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2021-06-24 19:00
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The Power of Love

What if love were the format for our existence? During The Power of Love workshop, we practice simple techniques to connect ourselves to the power of loving within us. Our intention is to engage the power of love as a way to nurture greater awareness of our divine nature while embracing those parts of our human expression that appear to be less than loving.

“Divine love is inside of you, that’s pretty powerful. Let’s Me and you get our divine love together and see what we can create because when two or more are gathered in My name there I am also. Divine power is divine love.” John-Roger, DSS from The Power of Love seminar.

John Morton is scheduled to participate.

With Spanish translation.

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Tuition:  Complimentary.

Prerequisites: None.

Registration: Registration required.

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