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PTS Traveler Tour 2020 to Holy Land – Turkey

August 18, 2020 - September 7, 2020
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The PTS Traveler Tour will visit The Holy Land in 2020

The Holy Land is an area located between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. It has also been the location of several MSIA trips with John-Roger and John Morton including PAT IV in 1984, and the J-R Legacy Tour in 2014.

Whether you’ve been before and want to go again or feel called to visit the Holy Land with the Traveler anew, this is the trip for you.

“Spirituality is not the province of one particular nation, one particular people or one particular religion. It is the common heritage of all humankind and lies within every single one of us, whenever and wherever we may be upon this planet. We have only to find the way by which we can experience, not just a part of it, but the whole of it, in all its glorious and liberating splendor.”
– The Gospel of Jesus, In Search of His Original Teachings by John Davidson

Tour Cost & Registration

Tour Cost: USD $11,500 USD (Estimated) | Airfare not included
Registration: Deposit Required: $1,000 USD per person
Registration Opens: Spring 2019
Registration Contact: Melissa Ward | Travelertour2020@pts.org


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