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HeartFelt Light & Wellness Gatherings

This Event is Online Only

If you are curious about simple ways to invite Nature and Light into your life in greater ways we invite you to the Light & Wellness Gathering! We will be meeting on Zoom every other week to learn and share about creating optimal wellness and vitality through circadian and quantum approaches.

In the Now Workshop

Grand Chancellor Hotel 23 Leichhardt St, Spring Hill QLD

What’s it like to be “In the Now?” What gets in the way of being present with the experience of Spirit? This workshop explores the answers to these questions and how we can bring ourselves back when we’re pulled into the stress, anxiety, judgment, or hurt of the past or the future.

Seminar for Discourse Subscribers

Grand Chancellor Hotel 23 Leichhardt St, Spring Hill QLD

John-Roger told us that he could only present wisdom as high as the lowest level of consciousness present could handle. When those who have been studying the Traveler’s teachings gather in these seminars, the Traveler can take us deeper into the teachings and higher into the Spirit.