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Introduction to the Spiritual Warrior


Do you consider yourself a Spiritual Warrior? If not, why not? Here is an opportunity to move past your own self-judgments/self-limitations and explore the spiritual qualities inherent within you as you gain greater experience of the strength that is part of who you are.


Would you like to experience being showered with blessings? That’s what happens non-stop for hours in the BlessingsFest. It’s a Traveler marathon that leaves you knowing you’ve been blessed, that you are blessed, that the blessings truly already are.

Transcendent Self —The Spiritual Sky


The Yoga of the Sound Current takes us on a deep dive into who we are as a spiritual being as we connect with the inner sound that pervades all of existence.

Introduction to Soul Transcendence

 "All that you want to be, you already are. All you have to do is move your awareness there and recognize the reality of your own Soul." John-Roger

Expanding into Oneness Workshop

One harmony. One note. One beingness. One God. In the Oneness, we may receive of the Holy Spirit. In this 2-day workshop, Expanding Into Oneness, we will explore ways that we may come into that Oneness and receive, and connect to a deeper sense of who You are. Come remember you are Holy, a vessel of divine expression, and to receive the Holy Spirit in fellowship.