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Spiritual Exercises

There are great and powerful resources, available to all of us, that are just waiting to be tapped. Practicing spiritual exercises (s.e.’s), an active form of meditation, is one approach to accessing these resources and awakening ourselves more fully into Soul Consciousness.

Christ Innerphasing Broadcast

This powerful meditation, read by MSIA founder, John-Roger, is designed to assist you in bringing all levels of your consciousness into greater alignment with the Christ.


Experience the value of forgiveness as a daily practice to create more loving and peace in your life.

Soul Awareness Seminar via Zoom | The Blessing Worth Waiting For


“The blessings are already present. We have to take them. We have to lift them. We have to reveal them. When we do, we don’t feel bad that it took a long time to do that, cause then we see that the blessing was worth waiting for, cause that’s what we’ve been looking for.” – John-Roger, from The Blessing Worth Waiting For