Events Calendar

Initiates Meeting via Live Stream

Nowhere is the One Accord more available than when we come together as Ministers and Initiates in communion with the Traveler. Embrace this special and powerful time of fellowship we gather to receive the blessings.


Would you like to experience being showered with blessings? That’s what happens non-stop for hours in the BlessingsFest. It’s a Traveler marathon that leaves you knowing you’ve been blessed, that you are blessed, that the blessings truly already are.

The Power of Love

Know that you are love and experience the Power of Love in this five-week PTS Class.

Transcendent Self —The Spiritual Sky


The Yoga of the Sound Current takes us on a deep dive into who we are as a spiritual being as we connect with the inner sound that pervades all of existence.

Spiritual Exercises

There are great and powerful resources, available to all of us, that are just waiting to be tapped. Practicing spiritual exercises (s.e.’s), an active form of meditation, is one approach to accessing these resources and awakening ourselves more fully into Soul Consciousness.

Q&A for Discourse Subscribers

There is no event better for getting profound answers to questions about our teachings and living a joyful, abundant fulfilling life than a Q&A for Discourse Subscribers.