Sexual-spiritual Responsibilities and the Hoo Chant

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This is a very practical seminar from John-Roger, which addresses the human issues faced by each person who is alive with blood running through their veins. He begins, “The creative urge of conjugal relationship and the creativity of Spirit reside in a similar area. That area is like a band around the body from just above what we call the belly button or the navel to just in the area of the thighs, or about five or six inches down from the crotch. Many people,” he continues, “when they’re feeling the surging of Spirit, will translate this across as being of a conjugal nature and so they release the energy but do not have fulfillment. If you’re going to have conjugal relationships, do yourself a favor, have it with the most enlightened person you can find!”

How do we tell the difference between the urging from our Spiritual creative center and the urging from the more dense, lower creative centers? That’s the question J-R takes on in this seminar. “The price of getting off this wheel of 84,” he says, “is eternal vigilance. The reason we do not teach the yoga of the lower centers of the body is because people focusing there are reincarnating back on the planet. We are teaching Shabda Yoga, or the yoga of the Sound Current and the Light, which is in the pineal gland or the third eye… and higher.”

J-R spells out the differences in the three areas of the third eye which he identifies. About the third level, he says, “The top part of the spiritual eye is where we are seeing the spiritual in the physical. We teach that: to see God in mankind. To see the God in each other.”

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