Sherie Wylie

Born in Memphis, Chester (SC)
Living in Los Angeles, California

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Sherie, overseeing events at MSIA’s Annual Conference

I began checking MSIA out in 2006.

I began reading the Soul Awareness Discourses and increasingly found value in what I was getting out of my study that I began the Masters in Spiritual Science program in 2009.

In 2010 I attended the Easter Walking in the Light workshop, then the summer retreat Peace Awareness Trainings in Lake Arrowhead, and also the winter retreat Living in Grace in Asilomar.

Every next step for me was a gold mine, revealing shiny diamonds within myself. I remember appreciating the clarity that surfaced as I peeled away layers of judgments, illusions and negativity I no longer needed. I did my best to sacrifice everything that no longer served my highest good – my best Self coming forward.

I gave up trying to fit anywhere in the world and began a journey of waking up to my gifts, talents and abilities as Spirit directed and used me.

Something magical began to open up inside of me and started spilling into my everyday life expression.